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Ain't that the truth.

You'd go to about my chest, lol.

I want to run a technological company like Apple or Microsoft. Big bucks, and I can use my intelligence and good looks to win the hearts of America! I like being my own boss, and I want to create something innovative.
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Deadly Cultist


Well good luck to you! You sound like a strong-willed individual. :3
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Used to be my gf. We broke up and I tried to keep exercising after that but simply didn't have the motivation to want to do it (and wasn't too happy with the results after like 3 months). It's not like I am gaining tons of weight. I haven't gone up much since I graduated college, where I randomly gained like 20 lbs on year and can't seem to lose it.
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This is something I've always wondered about exercise buffs O_o

The only exercise I can never ever get tired of doing is swimming. I don't know why - it could be that it's pretty hard to injure yourself in water unlike faceplanting while running, or that I actually think it's fun.
But I almost always hurt myself doing other sports or exercise, in addition to thinking it's a waste of my time better spent elsewhere.

I'd swim naked if I knew of a pool that would let me heart
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Hygienic Genius


Aww, thanks! ^_^ If I make it big, I shall remember this conversation and give you a free software upgrade or something. xD Idk, lol.
mostly looking good. but when I was younger I struggled with weight and I told myself I would never let it be a problem again. what motivates me is I want to move forward not backwards and the past is not going to get in my way anymore. best thing is to make a goal for yourself and focus on it when your exercising.
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I can run longer and faster, I can lift heavy things, I can eat more without getting fat, and I have more energy. Also, I have more confidence because I look great naked. smile
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To be sexy as ******** when I'm naked.
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yum_cupcake S-U-G-A-R...
Jump into your racing car

gaia_gaiagold "If I get up and work out I'll be the sexiest [insert cosplay] at [insert convention]" is usually what does it. gaia_gaiagold

and say SUGAR RUSH!
SUGAR RUSH yum_cupcake
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Knowing that if I don't go outside, I'll kill my room mates. And while I love exercising, I'd like to know it's not the only thing I can do because I'm in jail for killing my room mates.
Self-loathing and nightclubs.
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Newbie Noob

Nothing motivates me.
For exercise, I take dance because I like dancing. Period.
If I did have any motivation however, I would think of how nice it would be to have a flat stomach.
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Rainbow Smoker

I don't exercise. But if I started not fitting in my clothes I'd run for the gym.
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Lead in my school musical.

Don't want no chubby Elle Woods.
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I don't exercise... sweatdrop
Sure, I like some sports, but it's not like I'm going to do it on a daily basis. Too lazy.

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