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I would rather not die alone, but if it happens I will always have the freedom to go meet younger generations before I die. sweatdrop
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Dying alone means nothing for me.
The things which make death important are all related to human emotions.
It wouldn't do anything in the long run.
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I always hope that I'll know when I'm getting close to dying, so that I can personally destroy some things in my house in the chance that a relative stumbles across it after I'm gone. I've got a friend who said he'll take care of it, but I still want time to make sure nothing is missed.
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How I die means nothing to me. It's not like I can change it after it's done.
not a worry in the world.
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Death: Not something I am afraid of. It's something I don't have controle over. I do hope I die peacfuly. Unless I'm dying in an epic battle for human life > biggrin then I wanna go out in a amazing way.
Dying alone: When I think about it its kinda sad and depressing. Yet when you think about it you're not gonna Die the exact same time as your partner/spouse so yea...kinda no choice.
Life: I don't really know. Life is confusing and I guess "life is what you make it"
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You didn't die in a mass massacre or natural disaster. It was just you who died.

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