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Went to D&B's with my family.
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Well....last year I had a Calc 2 class at 8PM on my birthday. That was a great way to celebrate! >>

This year I'm hoping to go to Busch Gardens with some friends. Two of my friends have a birthday within a week of mine; we might have a get together for all of us like we did for our 18th birthday.
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Happy Birthday! : )
My last birthday I went to a friends house and we got drunk... I actually can't remember if we were at her house or someone else's.
Then when I got home the next day my mom made me the most beautiful cake I have ever had and some family came over and I packed to go on a road trip to see my boyfriend :3

This birthday I hope to do something fun...maybe get that piercing I've been wanting since forever ago.
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Last one: I don't recall, but I think it had something to do with nothing.

This one is still a ways off (September), but I'm thinking I'll just shoot myself. That's the general mood tonight, baby! Time to throw back some booze.
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Mega Glitch

Well... Today I took a quiz, a test, and had a lab until 9 PM. I bought some gummy candies as well.
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Familiar Fatcat

My last birthday...

huuuuuhhhh -- went to buy a book. Then slept all day.

Dats 'bout it. rofl
Went to the beach and drank with a couple of friends and my boyfriend.
last one- hung with my family during the day and partied with my friends during the night
next one- party harder and maybe do some weed
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My boyfriend took me to lunch and then I spent the evening hanging out with my mom and my grandparents. That's usually how my birthdays go. I like it.
On my actual birthday I had to go do two touring children's plays in the morning, and then the outreach director took us out for dinner at a sushi place. Then I had to do some paperwork for my boss after that, which was lame. If memory serves, I was so exhausted I basically spend the evening in bed just resting. My boyfriend had to work anyway. We went a spent the day doing something fun shortly after though, because his birthday is a week before my birthday, and our anniversary is two days before that.
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Happy Birthday!
My last birthday (18 ) my family and I went to my favorite restaurant for dinner then went home for icecream cake. O:
I imagine that's what I'll be doing next birthday aswell.
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I took the day off work and went to the city. I'll do the same thing this year. ******** you, work.
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When it turned midnight, I was at the party for the Sin City Bad Girls models.
Throughout the day I watched my favorite movies with my husband and had Birthday Cake Oreos.
For dinner I went to a nice Japanese restaurant with my mom.
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Dead Sea Scrolls? Nice! and happy birthday C:

Last year, I was planning on going out with my roommate and her friend, who shares my birthday. My family surprised me by showing up at my apartment with balloons and cake ^^ We went out and had a nice dinner. At the end of the week, Mom and a friend of hers took me out for food and a drink. C:
Dunno what I'll do this year, though. Wanted to go to Disneyland but they've upped the prices. Again. D;
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I can't really remember. I do know that I got my way all of the day.

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