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I made dinner and we had my family over and after supper we played board games. Although this year no trivia pursuit, it took forever and even I was bored by the end. We'll stick to the batman game, pit, and jenga.

Happy birthday, hope you have a good time.
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On my last birthday I went to Jaffa port with my family and went on this short boat-trip thingy, and we also walked around there and stuff.. and in the evening I went out for pizza with friends.. and then the next day my boyfriend at the time took me out to a restaurant.
I don't make too big a deal out of my birthday, the most important thing for me is to go out and do something as opposed to staying at home and doing nothing.
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Happy Birthday OP! Hope you have fun. I'm turning 22 this year too!
For my last birthday I went to New York with my sister and my dad. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and my dad bought me a shirt that said "******** you you ******** ********"
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Last one: nothing in particular.
Next one: nothing in particular.

not even cake crying


Not even. I specifically asked for no cake.
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I had family over, had dinner and cake, got a few gifts.
Next birthday I'll be going bar hopping.
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mine was just a few days ago. i made bread pudding instead of cake. talked to my family. bought a bunch of random stuff online. nothing special really. if you don't party anymore, your birthday is usually pretty bland. xD
Last Birthday: Nothing too special. Visited Mum in the hospital and went out to dinner with some friends.

Upcoming birthday: Going to the beach and sporting a bikini once I hit my weight loss goal.
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My last one, I got an Applebees gift card. This year i hope to get another one.
Worked right though it...next one? probably work though that one aswell neutral
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Iunno, but my birthday is coming up next month
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    i went out to eat with my boyfriend (:
    dunno what i'll do on the next one...
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Happy birthday!!! Wow. That sounds like an awesome thing to do on your birthday!

I worked an 8hr shift on my birthday. confused
Me and both my parents (who weren't speaking) went to dinner. It was awkward and really quiet.

To this day they refuse to believe they did anything to ruin that day for me. neutral See why I don't do anything with them?

Luckily, I went with my friends somewhere the next day.
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sat at home alone and cried, wishing I could see my lover crying
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21st birthday last year. Well, I sat on a train on the way home and I had a cold. Wooot.

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