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i'm in my second year of my interpreters program, and i've come across a lot of Deaf individuals over the courses i've taken. my asl 3 professor was Deaf, even. and i don't think i've ever learned more about the language and it's culture than i did that semester. when i decided to take asl it was a fluke, i didn't think i would be an interested in it as i am now, and i'm happy that i found it by accident. the culture is amazing, the people are understanding and helpful (most of them, at least; there's assholes everywhere) and i really enjoy the work i'm doing/am learning over the years.

i guess, the one thing i'd say i had to get used to was the way they talk. i've heard a Deaf person speak before but they all speak differently, just like everyone signs differently. some barely open their mouths at all, others shout so loud the entire room can hear them. they can't, they have no idea what they sound like. it's a little jarring at first but i've gotten used to it, even encouraged it.
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I used to have a deaf neighbor. He was really nice. The only problem I had was sometimes I'd forget that he was deaf and I'd have to remember to use my hands. I know some ASL.. And my sister was(or is?) taking a course on ASL. : ]

Haha, my fiancée sometimes forgot that I cannot hear which I find it funny. But he is now improving his ASL so we can communication much better and easier.

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gaia_kittenstar Exactly! : P

When I was in elementary school, I used to go to a school where deaf children took classes as well, so we had the option to stay after school to learn ASL as an extracurricular activity, so we could communicate with the deaf kids in school. It was fun. We all used to hang out together, play during recess and what not. Sadly I didn't stay there long, so I couldn't master ASL. :c

Haha I know what you mean, back then I was in Deaf class and I also was teaching after school to the students who was interested in learning ASL. It was fun until I got bored of it and cancelled it haha. Never liked to teach. But at least you know a very little ASL if you can remember. Heh.
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I have an extensive knowledge on sign language. This comes in handy seeing as I give therapy to several people who are deaf. I think that it's beyond admirable when a person learns to overcome a disability and continue on with their lives as if they were perfectly fine. I just find it amazing.

...and a mind like a diamond.
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It's all in the title! What do you think about (d)Deaf persons?

This thread's purpose is to educate others about the Deaf Community and lifestyle, and hopefully bring Deaf awareness to more people!

Are you curious about Deaf people? Do you have a question about the culture? Do you want to learn ASL (American Sign Language)? Ask here!

Share your thoughts on:
Sign Language
Deaf Culture
Your personal experiences with Deaf people
Your views, or perception, about Deaf people
Poltical controversies of the Deaf Community
The difference between Deaf and deaf

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One of my best friends in primary school was deaf and I had a huge amount of respect for him
because the older kids picked on him and he just carried on with his life even though he was deaf and was being bullied, I always stud up for him against bullies and that's was sealed out friendship I guess.
I haven't met anyone who's deaf, but I would love to learn sign language so I can communicate with them biggrin
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My sister is going deaf, slowly but surely. She already lost about 80% so she wears hearing aids. Some of her friends are just as deaf or completely deaf. It's hard to understand them sometimes but it's whatever at this point. I probably won't learn sign language since I'm not very good with memorizing things and coordination and she's okay with it. It's frustrating though sometimes because even with her hearing aids she's really loud and everything she listens to has to be really loud. Her personal behavior doesn't help the situation either considering that she's a fifteen year old little s**t. So, there's a lot of unintentional yelling and frustration.
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I wish I was deaf.. Then I wouldn't have to hear all the rude comments people make.
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My baby half-brother is totally deaf, but he's only 10 months old. He acts like a normal baby, though--still makes noise and cries. There was this one deaf lady in one of my classes. I was kind of annoyed how she signed a lot of questions to the teacher, but that's probably just her personality, not her being deaf. I find deaf culture cool. I mean, even some animals (or mainly gorillas) know sign language.
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Since I was hearing impaired, I hadn't met deaf people till the middle school that was only one had special education for people with disabilities. My parents decided to put me in special education which was good for me as hearing impaired till 7th grade that I wasn't allowed to be in special education because my abilities were higher level than special education. I made cool deaf friends and they taught me how to sign language. It was very interesting and made me want to learn more.
As getting older, English and American Sign Language are different, which is complicated for me. I've tried to keep my English and ASL balance in my entire life, lol and my English doesn't look well...>.>'' but I try my best. I mostly use sign language in English way, not ASL because it's my habit even though I try to keep myself doing ASL way. x3
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Deaf people, i would imagine, would be pretty much normal people with deafness being their main separation from the word 'normal' I bet that if we all understood sign language that we would all realize that there are good and bad people that are deaf as well as crazy and genius deaf people.

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There are actually a lot of deaf students at my university, since it's the only university in my state, or at least the largest, that offers deaf studies as a major.

I actually really want to take a sign language class. I can't help but stare when deaf people communicate with each other. The movements of their hands and mouths is beautiful. I feel bad because I think I'm staring at them because they're deaf, but I just like watching the sign language. It's amazing!
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My daddy is deaf and is one of the funniest and kindest people I know. We have a great relationship. I have a hard time hearing too but I'm not deaf. We don't have to sign for him but he can read lips very well. We have to talk a little bit loud. I usually touch his shoulder when I need to tell him something or tell him a funny joke. I love him.
One of my friends could have a coclear (spelling that wrong, DON'T GIVE A FUUUCK) implant but he refuses because he thinks that'll make him less connected with his deaf friends.
I think that's ******** stupid.
Sure, being deaf makes you special but it's also a disability. His friends will still be his friends if he can hear, he'll just be able to ******** hear.
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One of my friends could have a coclear (spelling that wrong, DON'T GIVE A FUUUCK) implant but he refuses because he thinks that'll make him less connected with his deaf friends.
I think that's ******** stupid.
Sure, being deaf makes you special but it's also a disability. His friends will still be his friends if he can hear, he'll just be able to ******** hear.
There is some deaf people who is very against Cochlear Impair which can happen to your friend. If he want to have CI, it is his rights, not friends.
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This is a story of a man, his relatives, his inlaw-aunt who doesn't take s**t, and I think there was this jewish... black guy... somewhere in there... Can't really remember.... whatever, and I know there are alot of grammar errors(I don't care) anyhow:
So I was in Chicago with family recently after mourning the death of my great aunt who helped my mom get a hold on life after I had been born, she honestly was more like a mother to me really. Luckily it's Christmas and helping to take our minds off the recent funeral so we went for a stroll through the city ...we've been walking for hours. My sister won't stop bitching about her feet hurting and how cold it is. My Mom is going delirious that she can't find her way around (even though she had lived there for ten years). My Aunt is try to make sure everyone keeps their cool, and her kids are just glad I'm there to remember old times. oh and her niece is fawning all over me (not like she was attracted to me she just really loved me when I was a baby) on how she's missed us. Incase you couldn't tell I don't live in chicago... Anywhoooo so we're all going over to this mall (I didn't give a s**t but it ment alot to them so I tagged along, really glad I did now) and well my aunt sees this guy waving his hands around. So thinking he's asking where something is, she goes over and starts asking if he's looking for the subway. He doesn't respond. So she starts asking more questions and such. Still no response. At this point I find it odd he's not even saying a word to which my Aunt is has gotten pissed. She looses it cursing at him and flips him off, luckily only our family saw miraculously. Her Niece screams, "Oh my god what are you doing?" My Aunt explains to her how the guy seems to be ignoring her though he had been waving his hands around as if trying to get some help. My Niece explains how the guys been signing for the past five minutes... he's deaf. I proceeded to laugh my a**off on the way home past all the weird bums. Hope you enjoyed my tale.
On another note I always thought it would be cool to date a deaf or blind chick. I probably get into a little trouble with her being the bit of a bully I am, but I know that she could make me happier than any "normal girl" ever could...

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