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I could only tell you I looked at life differently at a very young age. It happens when you have to take care of yourself being so young.
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When I was 11 I read Sophie's World.

I think I picked it up at exactly the right time because it was a total game-changer for me. I had already lost any faith in religion that I might have had and was looking for something to challenge me. It's not a particularly well-written book but it's a very accessible introduction to philosophy, which is what an 11 year old needs. My world became a lot bigger after that and I felt like my opinion was actually valuable. I realised that adults do not have all the answers. They have almost no answers.
When I was 4 or 5. I learned humans were meant to destroy others and things. At the ages of 17 and 20 confirmed it.
Hm.. 3rd or 4th grade. 5th I definitely had a different perspective, and then I developed a whole new one halfway through 6th. And then I guess the rest of middle school was all messed up. Looking back my worst years were 7th and 8th but high school had been a lot better with minimal relapses.
So far, right now I feel my mind is quite open, so yeah, I'm happy.
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7th grade too.

But I always pondered life.
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Honestly, like the start of high school, because my parents always shoved their own ideas in my face and I guess I didn't get over that until high school.
and then the cynicism started. emotion_dowant
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The day I learned about the Soviet Union and Chernobyl. (around 4th grade)
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At the age of 2 I started listening to my parents yelling at each other all night. At 3 I learned that my mother was cheating on my father for longer than I was alive. I like to imagine that I am my fathers son. But anyways, from ages 3 to 4, I got to see the darker side of humanity with the bitterness and general selfishness that was involved in the court hearings for the divorce settlement. Being used as a weapon and everything, being yelled at when i was with my mom, and having to watch my dad cry when I was with him.

This explains my hate towards women and cheaters.

I've had mai good shares of view point changes throughout the years (probably startin since middle school years - or even before that if I can recall that far back) ...ah yes, quite the storm at times. ;-S

about your story.....you have my condolence's, bro :-C
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The day I learned about the Soviet Union and Chernobyl. (around 4th grade)
Why did learning about the USSR affect you guys? You're the second to say that.
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You're all talking BS, but that's OK!
I mean, thinking differently of LIFE is pretty broad. I've had changes of heart and beliefs throughout my life, that effect the way I live. I couldn't say there was one definitive thing though.
You're all talking BS, but that's OK!

Frost's thread got shut down before I could read your response. sad

Every day, and in every way, I'm getting better, and better.
I started to think differently at the ages of 5, 9, 12, 14, and 18.

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