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I have an original-edition Beachcomber transformer from G2. The only thing its missing is a tire.
I still wonder what happened to Seaspray.
Cant find that one anywhere.
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I miss my Speak and Spell like crazy. I named him Alphie. I'd have arguments with him.

I also miss a lot of the Happy Meal toys I used to have. Some are worth a lot of money now, not that I'd sell them.
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I used to have these small adorable rubber animal things that I got from a quarter machine. I collected them. I couldn't get them now anymore though. |D They don't even have quarter machines in the Philippines. Luckily, I still have my whole collection... it's just trapped in a storage unit in my old country all the way across the world and constantly in danger of being sold. D:

I also loved those hanging monkey plushies (the ones with velcro on their hands) and I bought two of them at a zoo, and my parents got me another two for my birthday. And I still have them! :'3 Except for one. One that was my favorite and is also turning into dust inside a box in storage. I intended that whole box to go with us when we moved, but my family misunderstood... crying
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I still have my old plushies blaugh (a huge orca, an almost destroyed brown dog, a husky and a penguin)

I also had Polly Pockets and I loved them, but oh well... emo
My favorite toys were the digmon and pokemon toys I stole from school.
I have no idea what happened to them.
My other toys were given away to other kids.
I wouldn't spend ANY amount of money to get these same toys back.
Also, there is no room for hoarding in our house.
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My favorite toy was this stuffed purple rabbit that I carried everywhere. My daughter has it now.

Has she destroyed it yet? emotion_0A0
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I miss my Fashion Polly Pockets. =(
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Flutter Fox

Eventually I grew out of them and wanted to pass them on to another little girl who I babysat (They were in extremely good condition). But no, my Mom made me keep them because "They could be worth money one day!"

Flutter Fox
So a year and a half ago I call her up, wanting to get my ponies back because I was afraid she would sell them on me. Turns out she gave them away to a neighbor.

classified_fu Punch her in the tits.

Anyway, my favorite toy as a child was my Nintendo Entertainment System.
I still have my all time favorite stuffed toy..puppy.. ive lost him a few times growing up and i'd have panic attacks where i'd start screaming

his tounge would get all threadbare and raggedy so i'd cut if off, go buy new pink felt, cut out the proper shape for a new tounge and sew it on in place of the old one

he's currently sitting on top of my dresser. i cant sleep with him anymore cuz my real dog likes to chew on puppy.

i also miss my skydancers, they were so pretty.... still have some barbies... i do miss my kewpie doll. it used to wierd me out, but i still loved it at the same time.

but the doll i REALLY miss was just a head and torso... a family friend had knitted her an outfit and yarn limbs. i really loved her. wish i still had her...
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Yesterday the twig was brown and bare; To-day the glint of green is there; Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
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I still have some of my Stuffed Animals from when I was a kid. Including some beanie babies.

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I know no thing so wondrous fair; No miracle so strangely rare; I wonder what will next be there!
~L.H. Bailey
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I used to reaaaaaaallllyyy love pokemon, then i stopped buying the games, mainly because i have no money :sweat

But recently, i found my old gameboy, and pokemon yellow! Im frickin addicted to it!
AUGH! Your story reminds me of how my dad sold our NES while my mom, sisters and I were on vacation visiting family. My sister and I never really let him live it down, that sneaky sneak... crying

My favorite toy was actually a beanie baby cat, Zip. I'd gather all my toys up and they'd go to school, build a library (with scrolls), go to the amusement park, go to the pool (sink), and go bungee jumping when we went to my abuela's house. emotion_awesome Zip was special, though. Zip was always there, and he had the special privilege of sleeping next to me.

I lost Zip when we were on vacation! (Ironically, this was the same vacation during which my father sold the NES. stare ) Years later, he was found and shipped back to me. He sits in my room now, mostly because he's so old and abused. heart

I wasn't willing to spend money to replace him, because it wouldn't be the same...
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I still have my teddy bear named Theodore (as in Theodore Roosevelt, one badass president). My father gave him to me as a gift for Christmas one year. He's been through many washings and as a result, lost a lot of his softness. He's sitting on my dresser now, as a married woman.

My husband has a puppet that he cherishes to this day. His grandfather made it for him and will never likely part with it.
mistral o me
British Tourettes
My favorite toy was this stuffed purple rabbit that I carried everywhere. My daughter has it now.

Has she destroyed it yet? emotion_0A0
She doesn't seem to take much of an interest in it. hehe. She's really nice with her toys. She treats them like her babies and feeds them and tucks them in.
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Alright, I know she looks creepy now, but I swear, Sally Pantry was pretty when I was little... at least I thought so:

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(Excuse the montage- I took them for a photo challenge on Flickr and they're the only pics I've still got.)

As for how much I'd pay to get her back if I ever lost her?
Well, she's one of a kind. My mum made her for me from china doll parts she got in an antique shop and sewed the body herself, so I could never buy another one.
So far I've spent about £30 trying to fix her up (new eyes, new hair, new pate), and I do expect to pay a lot more before she's finished.

Oh! And I also still have a doll that my Nana bought me for my first Christmas. She was also called Sally.
My daughter has her now:
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