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A separate chat thread has been created in friends space. Please use this thread for any off topic posts relating to non Transgender issues.

Transtastic! ||The Chat Thread||


"What would you say if I told you I'm transgender?
Are you willing to accept me and your comfort surrender?
Outside I'm female, but deep inside I'm a man.
I'll modify my shell in any way I can.
Before you say it, this is not mutilation
Come and walk to understand my tribulation.
What's inside and out I wish to be aligned
To bring peace to my body and my mind.
This goes far beyond what's below the waist.
Burn away your judgment so my heart can make haste."

~ Created by our very own BrennanRyu, Give him a hand. biggrin

Welcome to Transtastic. A thread for all those who fit into the trans lifestyle, wish to know more about the trans lifestyle, or just support the trans and want to hang around and chat. Everyone is welcome here unless you plan on trolling or flaming. I WILL NOT hesitate to report you. Please do not quote the first page. If you have any questions or advice please do not hesitate to PM me or ask here, We're a friendly bunch.

This thread was created for the sole purpose of raising awareness for the Transgendered community, helping support confused trans, and creating a place of acceptance for any issues transgender may be facing. Many people do not realize the severity of trans issues or understand what a transgender truly is.
Everyone is welcome.

This thread may contain topics and chatter about genitals, surgery, needles, and Kim Possible. Please be aware.

Circle jerking encouraged! <3

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Breast Cancer is a serious thing, no matter man, woman, ******** you, genderqueer, agender, bigender, genderless, or other!

5)Links out/stories
6)Links in
7)Need help introducing yourself
8 )credits
9)Transgendered News
11)User Writing and Art
12)Other Great Places
15)Open post.
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Ambigendered -The pre-fix Ambi- as in ambidextrous, means "both". Ambigendered is one of the more politically correct terms for Hermaphrodite - a person with biological characteristics of both males & females. Typically, either the Doctor will request at birth that the parents choose a Sex (female is easier for surgeons), or will suggest the parents wait for a number of years until secondary sexual characteristics take over, then let the parents or the child choose their gender. The selective alteration of sex at birth was far more common than many Western civilizations are willing to admit.

Androgens Male hormones, including Testosterone. It is from Androgen's that steroids were originally developed. They effect brain development, muscle growth, and metabolism, as well as sexual characteristics.

Androgyny: A person that identifies as being both a man and a woman. This is a person who is smack dab in the middle of femininity and masculinity.

Bigender:Like Gender fluid, A person who switches between primarily masculine and primarily feminine.

Castrati A legendary order of Choir Eunchs raised from very early ages by the Catholic Church. The young boys, particularly those who had excellent singing voices or were "favored" by the Church Hierarchy, were drugged and castrated, preventing forever the levels of Testosterone and other Androgen's which permit the development of Bass level vocal tones.
Castrati were able to reach vocal pitches and blends otherwise impossible by either sex, hence their importance to a Choir. Being a Castrati was a mixed blessing which occasionally resulted in the sexual abuse of the child.

Catamite This is a term which doesn't directly apply to the Transgender glossary until it is inserted into other parts: it means a boy used by a man for sex, as was popular in Roman and Egyptian Empires.

CD - An abbreviation for cross dresser. Most cross dressers are not transsexuals, but all transsexuals, at least during an RLT, experience a phase of cross dressing, where the person acquires clothing of the opposite sex and wears it. Itis important to understand the cultural context of cross dressing as different from Halloween Costumes or "Drag Queens".

Drag King/Queen - A professional Actor or Cross Dresser who is publicly known to be a member of the opposite sex to the one they are portraying. Drag Queens (And Kings) are known for exceptionally glamorous costumes, parades, and festivals, and may be commonly found in LasVegas, New Orleans, and Rio. While most drag queens are NOT transsexuals, they are part of the transgender group, and more than one transsexual has taken up this line of work to fund their surgery costs.
Ironically, the Medical Board is extremely opposed to any Transsexual using Public Displays, Stripping, or Prostitution as a method of funding such procedures and may attempt to deny the transsexual's request for approval.

Estrogen The most common female hormone that most people can remember. Women have more Estrogen than men, but both sexes produce a mix of both Testosterone and Estrogen. This chemical has physical as well as psychological side effects. Common sources include glands, plants, and drugs.

Eunuch Originally going back to the times of the ancients, such as Romans, Egyptians, and Indian civilizations, a Eunuch was a male who was castrated. In some civilizations, Eunuchs were used as Guards of Harems, in others, they were given political positions for being "Level Headed" and unaffected by seduction. Some Eunuchs were given priestly positions or titles similar in authority to a Shaman. Historically, Eunuchs have had a mixed review - sometimes it is a punishment to a conquered nation, other times it is the creation of a Catamite. The methods of the operation vary with the civilization, and range from nearly painless surgical procedures to being butchered and burred in the sand.

GG (Genetic Guy/Girl) These are the "normal people" of the opposite sex to which a potential transsexual attempts to emulate. A Genetic Girl is XX and was born female. A Genetic Guy is XY and was born male.

Gender Fluid: A mix between boy and girl. It's a constant, unconscious switch between the masculine and the feminine.

Gender ********] he self-conscious effort to "******** with" or play with traditional notions of gender identity, gender roles, and gender presentation.

Gender queer: Anyone identifying out of the gender binary. Some want believe they are another gender, some believe they are neither, some want selective features of both genders, others want it all.

GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) - The politically correct term for SRS created during the 1990s when Biber (one of the founders of the SRS Technique) began to Retire and other Surgeons such as Meltzer and Menard began to take over.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) It is a common misconception that if you castrate a man he some how turns into a woman, gets a high pitched voice, and grows breasts. This is false.
Facts of Hormone replacement

* A man will NOT develop a high pitched Soprano on Hormones.
* A woman WILL develop a deeper voice and Adam's apple on Hormones.
* A man will NOT lose his Adam's Apple on Hormones
* A woman will NOT develop male genitalia on HRT
* A man WILL develop breasts on HRT, HRT generally results in A's and B's, and occasionally C's, whereas C is the 'average' for women. HRT will not produce an 'average sized' breast reliably. many choose to get implants.
* A woman's breasts will not magically deflate on HRT
* A man's genitals will begin to atrophy, but will not "transform" into the opposite sex or disappear completely Estrogen suppresses the man's ability to have an erection, as far as my understanding extends. this may or may not happen, depending on the dosage of the HRT, and the length of time the person is on it.
* HRT is semi permanent. Think of it as "2 steps forward, one step back". Beyond a certain point, many of the effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy are irreversible.
* HRT WILL alter your thought processes
* HRT can and will simulate the chemical imbalances including nausea, headache, and delirium commonly associated with PMS.
* Hormones must be maintained at a constant rate, - a sudden alternation (drop or increase) will create emotional distress and potentially nightmares or restlessness until hormone levels are balanced.
* your perception of colors (such as red and blue) may alter, particularly if you use HRT early in life.
* Many people on HRT describe a feeling of Well being (MTF) or Power (FTM), although there's no scientific evidence of this..
* Skin texture will change, finger nail density may alter
* bone density will change: women on androgen's may gain stronger bones, while men on HRT may find themselves more susceptible to Osteoporosis(sp?)
* Fat distribution and center of gravity may alter slightly - men will develop a "poofy" sensation while the skin tones of women become thin and "leathery", particularly in the face.
* men will NOT lose their beards, but their body hair development may stop progressing, and become thinner
* women will develop facial/body hair, including beards, although it is rarely as thick as a genetic male.
* While bones will alter in overall form (fingers may become thinner/bulky for example) they will not alter drastically: you will not grow or lose ribs, your hip bones will not split or mend, and your skull shape and height will remain the same. (with few exceptions).

Klinefelter's Syndrome While Politically Incorrect to call it a "syndrome" anymore, with about 1 in 500 males being effected, Klinefelters represents an XXY chromosome male. It is one of the variant genetic markers of the ambigendered.

PREMARIN The most commonly prescribed form of Hormone Replacement Therapy: Birth control pills and Hormone Replacement for Menopause are often similar chemicals. In this case, Premarin is a pill made of (PREgnant MARe uRINE highlight if you want to know, some people don't want to know this). This is one of the alphas of Transsexuals, and contains an intensely high amount of Estrogen, but also has been known to cause allergic reactions to the certain animals.

Progesterone A synergistic hormone for women, this substance works with Estrogen and amplifies its effects. Progesterone has a heavy effect on Mammary development and the secondary sex characteristics of a woman during puberty (including menstrual periods and the handling of cholesterol). As a side note, it is a historical fact that some acne medications are actually estrogen or progesterone based, and prolonged use can have terrible consequences.

RLT (Real Life Test) - Part of the American Standards of Care created by a team of psychiatrists, the Real Life Test is designed as a "test run" for the patient, to see if they can live life, fully dressed and interacting with society, as a member of the opposite sex. While not every surgeon or psychiatrist absolutely requires it, most do, or recommend it.
In Some cultures, going through a RLT around people who know your former identity is literally suicidal, and may have results including violence, imprisonment, excommunication, or homicide. For this reason, it may be a better idea to conduct the RLT in a different city or foreign land.

sie/hir: A set of English gender neutral pronouns that can be used when referring to somebody with a gender identity that is somewhere in the middle. ex: Sie is going to hir party. Sie is pronounced like Zee, and hir is well...hir

SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) - the physically invasive procedure by which a medical doctor specialized in reconstructive plastic surgery, permanently alters the outer anatomy and internal organs of the patient to most closely match that of the opposite sex.

Third gender: individuals who are considered to be neither women nor men, as well as the social category present in those societies who recognize three or more genders.

Tranny Hawk - a Term popularized in the Transgender subculture, A Tranny Hawk is a person, usually a male, who pretends to provide relationship support, and stable housing or sex, in an attempt to get close enough to the pre-op transsexual to control, and potentially steal their money and items, or otherwise acquire funds through manipulation. To understand exactly why anyone would go to such lengths, the reader must be aware that some cities have literally dozens of Pre-Ops in the area, each trying to save between $10,000 and $50,000 or more, as lump sums.
Medical Insurance will not cover these operations, and it is not uncommon for Pre Ops to have lost contact with the vast majority of Friends, Family, Work, and Religion. This also means that everything they own is likely to be with them, such as furniture, vehicles, jewelry, and so forth.
Tranny Hawks prey on this vulnerability in order to get at the source of resources. Alternative versions of Tranny Hawks also include Human Slave Trade (As mentioned on CNN), Kidnapping, and serial killers. Perhaps the lightest side of this group would be Private Detectives sent by a concerned spouse or parents to "find and rescue" the Pre Op from themselves. (Which usually results in being kidnapped and potentially institutionalized).

Transman A male in a woman's body. Also known as FtM (Female to Male) A person who was born a female but lives life as a male.

Transwoman A woman in a man's body. Also known as MtF (Male to Female) A person who was born a male but lives life as a female.

Two spirit: Usually a term associated with American Indian, and Canadian First Nations indigenous groups which describes a person that fulfilled many mixed gender roles. This includes wearing both male and female clothing, and performing the work of both males and females.
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What is a Transgender?
Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe people who do not fit into traditional
gender categories, including transsexuals, transvestites, gender queers, two-spirit, intersexuals.

What is a Transsexual?
Transsexual is a term used to describe anyone who was "born into the wrong body." That is to say, a person who's sex does not match their gender. They may have male parts but they are really a female and vice versa.

So, What's the difference?
All transsexuals fit under the transgender category, but not all transgenders are transsexual. Transgender is an umbrella term for many things, where as transsexual is a specific thing; a feeling of being in the body of the wrong sex.

I'm confused, what pronouns do I use then?
You use whichever pronouns the person prefers. If you are confused about which to use feel free to ask the person. Most people will not find this rude however it varies from person to person. Just be respectful about how you ask, don't be like 'HURRDURR, IS IT A BOY OR A GIRL?'

So you're all just Homosexual cross dressers?
No. Trans people come in all sexuality's and lifestyles just like any other person. There are Trans lesbians, Trans straights, Trans bis, Trans asexuals, Trans Pans, and Trans gays so to speak. Sexual preference =/= Gender preference.

Why not just use the term cross dressers?
Cross dressing refers to anyone who dresses as the opposite sex, While all trans will cross dress in their life not all cross dressers desire to be the opposite sex.

I thought it was "LGBT" why just create a thread for the T?
This is a rather touchy subject with in the communities. Many LGBT threads will attract just the LGB life stylist, and while there will be some Trans around it still won't always feel right. Many Trans wish T to be separated from the LGB because being Trans has to do with gender identity and who one is rather then one's sexual preference. The community's being together also makes it harder for Trans to come out to friends and family because they group it with sexuality. Trans individuals are as human as everyone else, their upbringing may lead them to see homosexuality as immoral, and therefore do not wish to be seen or associated with them. Just as well, there are people in the GLB community that feel that Transgendered people are wrong and need help.

Who has it worse? Transmen or Transwomen?
This question can be disputed. It's hard to call which has it harder.
Transmen typically have an easier time passing as their desired sex pre-op, however, construction of a p***s is virtually a fantasy at this point in time.
As to where transwomen have a much more difficult time passing at women but a full surgery is completely possible.

Is it really possible to live a normal life after becoming a transsexual?
Being able to live a 'normal life' is a highly relative situation. With a strong network of supportive friends and family, transsexuals are able to live more happily than previously, because their body finally matches what they feel inside. Alternatively, if familial support is not there, the process of adjusting and 'normalizing' the change can be more difficult- no one enjoys ostracism. There are so many factors that are engaged with this transition, age, race, social demographic, and where a transsexual lives are just the tip of the iceberg. Conservative areas may never allow a 'normal' lifestyle, where areas which support personal freedoms would treat the surgery as the natural conclusion to a problem, and continue to interact with the person as always. While it may be more difficult to live a 'typically normal lifestyle', it is very possible to live a happy, self-satisfied and self-realized lifestyle as a transsexual.

So, Are transgendered people usually male or female then?
Transgender affects both sides of the sex spectrum. There are both Male and Female Transgenders.

How has the term transgender changed in recent years ?
Previously, Transgender was applied strictly as "I don't feel like a boy, so I must be a girl", reflecting the binary view of society, but increasingly there is an acceptance of being oneself, rather than one's gender. It is possible to try different identities and roles without adhering to any certain rules and norms of behavior, as society is much more willing to allow for the exploration of gender identity and gendered experience.

Do people choose to be transgendered or is it a biological?
This can't be answered yet. Science hasn't figured it out yet. ^^

What can a transgender person do medical wise?
There are many things Transgendered people do.
HRT- or Hormone Replacement Therapy.
HRT for transgender and transsexual people replaces the hormones occurring in their bodies with those of the desired sex. It can not undo the changes produced by the first natural occurring puberty of transgender..More information can be found in the terms section.
SRS- Explained some in terms.
Mastectomy- Removal the female breasts, and a surgical procedure to shape a male chest.
A transman may choose to have a p***s constructed, however, many do not because of surgical options.
Some transmen also opt to have a hysterectomy to remove the uterus.
Transwoman may have a v****a surgically constructed from the unwanted p***s.
Some transwomen also choose to have facial feminization surgery along with breast implants.
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Regulars are people who have been around the thread, helped with the thread, and are all around trustworthy people. The regs should be treated with respect and are my overseers in my absence. Feel free to PM them if you have any questions.

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Links out and stories.

Tom's story
Chapter in a Web Comic about a transman.

'I'm a Girl'
News report/story about a six-year old transgender.

A Great source for MtF's.

A Great source for FtM's

A pretty nice outline for trans although it's based in Alberta.

Not quite related to trans issues but a good read. A web comic about a male turned into a female.

Hard hitting video poetry about Transgenders.

Venus Envy
Comic following a MtF.

Tall women
A site dedicated to tall women

[[More to come. Send me links!]]
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Links In

Here you can find banners for your signature, profile, blog, or wherever else you may want to spread the word. Anybody linking back to thread is much loved. heart
If you would like an even tinier URL please PM me for it.

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This banner was created by Abyssus est Domus. Thank you! heart


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Can't think of anything to say but want to speak with us? Try using this. Using this format is optional. If you can find a better way to say hello, please feel free to do so.

Name: (Nick name, real name, preferred name, Gaia name)
Transgender: yes/no (Yes? FtM or MtF)
Reason for being here:
Anything else:

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Health Discovery.com
Although the majority of the FAQ came from my mind I paraphrased 3 questions from this site

Used for more information on SRS.

Used source of Terms.

Datte's lovely banner shop 'Amaterasu'
Shop where banner was purchased.

NCMarine Thomas

((If I missed you and you helped AT ALL or you'd like a change to your name, please PM me about it.))
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Transgendered News

Changes to the WPATH Standards of Care. [Dated Sep.25th 2011]
WPATH announces new standards of care for transgender and gender nonconforming people.
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Why are you around our humble thread?
I'm a regular! 15.4% [ 24 ]
I like to lurk. 27.6% [ 43 ]
I post here occasionally. 3.8% [ 6 ]
Saw the title, wanted to see what this was. 23.1% [ 36 ]
Just clicked to look/read. 21.2% [ 33 ]
Poll whore! 9.0% [ 14 ]
Total Votes: 156

Where do you stand on 'GLBT' including T?
I believe the T belongs on the GLBT 52.7% [ 186 ]
I believe the T should be separated from the GLBT 9.6% [ 34 ]
I believe the T should just be moved to the front. 3.1% [ 11 ]
I'm not sure where I stand. 6.5% [ 23 ]
Uh....Who cares? 7.9% [ 28 ]
Other (I'll post to explain) 1.4% [ 5 ]
Other (I won't post to explain) 4.0% [ 14 ]
Golds! 14.7% [ 52 ]
Total Votes: 353

Should Remy get off his lazy a** and revamp the first page?
YES YOU SHOULD! D< 33.6% [ 149 ]
LEAVE IT BE! D: 6.5% [ 29 ]
You should just update certain sections (Post sections below) 3.6% [ 16 ]
Yup =D I'll even offer gold and/or assistance! 2.0% [ 9 ]
You could, would look fine either way. 13.5% [ 60 ]
I don't care :/ 14.9% [ 66 ]
Other (I'll post to explain)((Yes you will D< wink ) 1.1% [ 5 ]
Golds! 24.8% [ 110 ]
Total Votes: 444


Who Roams here?
FtM 23.0% [ 45 ]
MtF 7.7% [ 15 ]
Genderqueer 7.1% [ 14 ]
Crossdresser 7.7% [ 15 ]
Agender 3.1% [ 6 ]
Two-Spirt/Bi-gender 5.6% [ 11 ]
Gender Fluid 5.1% [ 10 ]
Cisgender (Normal person) 18.9% [ 37 ]
Other 10.7% [ 21 ]
Golds! 11.2% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:196


The new Transtastic Tips and information thread is on the way! You are...
Excited for it to be finished! 24.6% [ 16 ]
Wanting to read it for enjoyment. 6.2% [ 4 ]
Wanting to read it for advice/information. 18.5% [ 12 ]
Hoping to learn something new. 0.2 20.0% [ 13 ]
Slightly upset about it. 1.5% [ 1 ]
Indiffrent. 4.6% [ 3 ]
not going to read it. 3.1% [ 2 ]
It's unimport to me. 3.1% [ 2 ]
Other 1.5% [ 1 ]
Golds! 16.9% [ 11 ]
Total Votes: 65


Waaaaaay out of the closet. 21.8% [ 126 ]
Still in the closet, not planing on coming out anytime soon 9.2% [ 53 ]
Still in the closet, but I think I'm about to turn the handle. 11.4% [ 66 ]
Sometimes I go back in the closet for some cute clothes, but other than that, I'm out. 13.5% [ 78 ]
Straight and cisgender. 13.0% [ 75 ]
Other. (Post!) 10.4% [ 60 ]
A golds hoe yo. 20.6% [ 119 ]
Total Votes: [ 577 ]
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User writings and art.


Soul and body, not the same
One is male, the other female
They say its not right
They're right, God messed up
But that’s not our fault
So don’t blame us
Sometimes we blame god
But he must have had a purpose
So we take on this journey
To become what we have always been
Only now inside and out are both the same
Male to female, Female to male
It doesn’t matter we are all the same.
We are all Transtastic
We are wondrous, we are fantastic
We are strong, We can survive
Though we might die
But only because you killed us
You may see this as an accomplishment
But where there is one, there is more
We are invincible, we are not alone
We are all Transtastic
Love us for how we see ourselves
Not how you see our bodies.

~His Cuteness

ART Created by VoirRouge
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Other great places.

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              The Transtastic Content Disclaimer

              Transgender issues pertain to but are not limited to issues such as gender identity, sexuality, presentation/"passing", gender roles, sociological climate, LGBT politics, sex/relationships, family, school/work, medical ethics, health/transition, fashion, fitness, and hygiene. Keeping this in mind, the thread itself may appear at times to be better suited in other forums. However, many "off topic" issues relate back to transsexuality, a very large aspect of our lives. In order to be a successful support thread, we must allow the flexibility of discussing "mundane" topics within this thread, as they do ultimately relate to transition.

              A support thread is designed to uplift, inspire, and comfort users by allowing them to relate to others like themselves while casually and openly discussing their concerns. In order to be an effective support thread, the leeway to include humor, imagery, and some occasional chattiness is essential. We cannot constantly be breaking a sweat over transsexual issues in this thread. That kind of intensity belongs in the more serious discussion thread(s) in ED. The distinction between the ED thread(s) and this thread is very clear.

              The thread is not to be generalized into supporting every tiny issue that might happen to support transsexuals, but there is a large area of subjects that are appropriate to discuss, such as:

              - Gender discussion: In reation to gender identity, it is important to keep ourselves grounded and have a firm understanding of general gender issues in soceity. These discussions can inform and better prepare users for challenges they will face as transgender/transsexual people. Gender roles are a big issue within the community as well as society as a whole so it is very likely that this will be discussed in what sounds like very general terms. However, it deeply relates to the support of transgender people.
              - Fashion/looks/hygiene: As part of transitioning to a target sex to represent our identities, "passing" (looking they way we identify in our presentation to the world) is essential to happiness for most of us, and there will be times that we discuss methods to make this easier. This can be as general as what kind of shoes to wear, or what size shirt to wear. It could be as broad as what colors are person should wear with their complexion to bring out feminine/masculine traits. While these discussions are about psychology and sociology as well as perception, they are crucial to supporting users in this thread.
              - Stress/anxiety/depression: Gender dysphoria is one of the most debilitating symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder, the label for the condition responsible for transsexuality. Dysphoria can in turn exacerbate or actually cause an array of other symptoms, such as anxiety and depression. It is essential that we are permitted to discuss coping techniques for these general conditions, as mental stability is an essential to transitioning.
              - Politics: The political climate of our country(ies) and world drastically effects trangender rights. While it is not exactly appropriate to hold a debate about war or abortion, it is fair to talk about LGBT related politics, such as DADT, sodomy laws, laws relating to transition, and the way the law handles transgender criminals and transgender victims of crime. These legal and political issues are heavy concerns on the minds of many transsexuals and ought to be addressed in an environment that was created to suit their needs in this unique situation.
              - Medical ethics and general health: Medical ethics can be a broad subject, but transition adheres to very special rules. These rules are generally listed in WPATH's (formerly known as HBIGDA) International Transgender Standards of Care, however, general medical ethics also apply to transgender persons and their transitions. General health is a concern for people in transition, as taking hormones requires changing the way we understand our bodies and we are up for some unique risks. For this reason, we may have people talking about general illnesses, fatigue, headaches, acne, etc. It all relates to going through the second puberty induced by taking hormones. In a supportive environment, we need to help people cope with the health challenges they will be facing in transition.
              - Social issues: Family, friends, etc. are a huge part of transitioning. Transitioning has a physical aspect, an internal aspect, and a social aspect. The social aspect includes acceptance as our true selves, reception by the general public as our preferred gender, and the acceptance/rejection of family/friends. There will be times where regulars just rant about their parents, and they might not even speak much in light of transgender issues, but they are likely subtly responding to it, with the already understood general consensus that we know they are trans and we know their struggle with their family/friends. It doesn't need to be explained every time they come in with an update on their lives.
              - Sexuality, sex, and relationships: While sexuality and gender identity are distinctly separate issues, they do comingle with each other. How we view ourselves is going to relate to our sexuality, and how we perceieve desired intimacy. Sex itself is also a matter of discussion, because our anatomy and how we feel about it makes sex very complicated for many transsexual people. We must try to keep things appropriate for Gaia's Terms of Service, but we cannot be an effective support thread if we completley outlaw sexual discussion. Many transgender and transsexual people hold deep concerns on this issue. Relationships, disclosure (telling people you are trans) and the dangers involved with predators and such is a big concern in being transgender.
              - General safety: Roughly 20 transsexuals are murdered in the United States each month. Transsexuals are one of the highest targeted and abused minorities, and transgender teens have some of the highest drug abuse and suicide statistics out of all minorities. Self defense, legal rights, and protection are all things that ought to seriously be discussed within the community.
              - Human anatomy: There are times where we will make comparisons to cisgender ("normal") people when it comes to our bodies, and this can be very validating. It should also be encouraged to post inspiring transgender imagery in a support thread. We are going to end up talking about silly things like "man hands" and "too much junk in the trunk."

              If you require more explanation, simply ask.

              Created and used with full permission from our regular Daniel AKA De Kelley
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Okay guys, we are enforcing a NO TOLERANCE rule. This is to state, if you come in flaming, bitching*, off topic, or in an overall bad attitude, I reserve every right to ban you. Even if this is simply based on the fact that you create a hostile environment or disrupt the thread, EVEN IF IT'S ON TRACK. Please use a kind tone in your posts and keep this place peaceful.

Again, there is a separate chat thread in friends space. Please use this thread for any off topic posts relating to non Transgender issues.

Transtastic! ||The Chat Thread||

I will keep a much closer eye on off topic chatter and poke you back into the correct direction. I expect everyone to help me here if they can. It's okay if you don't.

Temp bans will be issued for minor offenses. Don't fight me here.

Do not use mules to post after a ban or talk to someone who has ignored you. It is okay to use a mule to inquire about your ban to me only.

I can not request enough that you do not flame anyone, namedrop, or troll here. To do so will be dealt with accordingly.

Again, very little off topic chat will be tolerated! The thread will be created for a reason. Use it!

*However, bitching about your sucky life and transition is perfectly acceptable.
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