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aint the same
this aint bout maths an science

this is about mens an womens health an lives
an it aint fair to just give women special attention if the thing affects men too, specially if it does it in a different way

aint excusable to me
s basically sexism
You're not looking at this in context.

Women are not getting "special attention." This is an educational campaign designed to rectify a knowledge gap in our culture that has to do with heart disease. All of the tropes and knowledge we have of heart disease - the pain down the left arm, the clutching of the chest (for heart attacks) - is all indicative of how men experience the condition. And since the vast majority of people don't go to med school, and most forget what they learned in health class less then five years after they are out of school, those tropes are an incredibly important way that society at large is educated about things.

Having an awareness day of heart disease in women - one day, mind you, out of 365 - is not stealing attention, research, or medical care from the millions of men that suffer from heart disease. It is simply trying to reframe how we think about it. Many people still think that it is mostly men that get heart attacks and that suffer from heart conditions, when that is simply not true. This is why the re-education is so important.

When heart disease stops being an "old man thing" and starts just being something that we don't associate with gender at all, then the awareness days won't be needed anymore.

if this keeps goin without no man counterpart, or without it becomin heart disease awareness, its gonna turn into an old woman thing in a generation or two

an then the whole process will have to flip into reverse
cept it wont cause ive noticed societys still pretty easy goin on anti man sexism an really aggravated on anti woman sexism

proably cause there aint no mens only groups goin around thats bein taken seriously

aint right
aint fair

I wont support it none till theres the same for men or till its a no gender thing

me ol mum used to say "fairness is the devil of the power struggle"
she were always bangin on about men bein ******** ups an evil an how they should all be ignored an such

kinda surprised she didnt manage to turn me to be like her

It isn't gender biased over here. smile

What people (see above) fail to realise is that "heart disease" is an umbrella term that covers so many different conditions that have absolutely nothing to do with gender - OK, a woman's experience of myocardial infarction (a heart attack) can be subtly different (but isn't always and often does manifest with a crushing central chest pain as it does primarily in men) but looking at the examples of various heart diseases here that all happen to have manifested in women rather than men; bacterial pericarditis, mitral regurgitation, pulmonary vein stenosis and patent ductus arteriosus are all heart diseases that have no differences in pathophysiology between the genders. Spamming with the same rather poor "oh a heart attack is completely different in women than in men and because it is seen as an old mans disease there should be a fundraising and awareness day to level the playing field" is not only unethical but is fatally narrow-minded.

Burning Bonus don't listen to the bullshit being posted; you're right, it should benefit both genders as it does here in the UK.
See all I was thinkin was that it aint fair to give one sex special attention no matter the reason

to be sayin like "Yea but men had special attention before so now everyone thinks its old mans disease an so people are gonna ignore women havin a heart attack cause it aint like it is for men" aint good enough to not have the same awareness days an stuff for men

cause eventually itll reverse on itself an people will be thinkin of it as an old womens thing an then men will need special attention an it will jus keep goin

like all I was tryna say is it aint right to give one group special focus for NO reason
gotta start fair or it aint gonna end fair

But even more to the point, this shouldn't be in the discussion at all; the vast majority of heart disease doesn't differ between the genders (and in the case of MI, it isn't a vastly different disease in women or in men; central crushing chest pain still remains to be a primary symptom irrespective of gender - I can verify this having seen it time and time again myself whilst on clinical rotations on a cardiology ward). Ok it still wouldn't be ethical to have an exclusively women's MI awareness day but at the very least, I couldn't say the whole "oh but it's to raise awareness in the difference between MI in women and men" is so severely narrow-minded as it is now, when considering heart disease as a whole.
makes sense