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Do you self harm?

Yes 0.3583977512298 35.8% [ 1020 ]
I used to, but I recovered 0.32677442023893 32.7% [ 930 ]
I don't, but I know someone who does 0.13598032326072 13.6% [ 387 ]
No 0.17884750527056 17.9% [ 509 ]
Total Votes:[ 2846 ]
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~*Hello, and welcome to the thread! Below you will find a table of contents. We hope you find the information here useful and insightful.*~
The final two sections can be found on the second page!


-About The Thread
-Thread Rules
-Who We Are - on page 2
-Self Harm Misconceptions - on page 2
*>About The Thread<*
~*TPT is a discussion thread revolving around self-harming behaviour. TPT does not advocate or support self harm. We are not a formal support thread; however, we offer understanding to those that are brave enough to come forward and talk about their experiences with self harm, or the experiences of those that they love. Our goal is to create understanding about this coping mechanism and we hope to give explanation to those who do not understand.

Once again: We are not a formal support thread. We encourage discussion, opinions and questions, as well as sharing personal reasons for the act of self-injury and tips on how to stop. We encourage recovery and moving past your past. Self harm is not simple or easy to recover from, and we understand that. We are not here to tell you to seek therapy, nor are we here to tell you what you "need" or "should do". We are simply here to offer a hand in getting through whatever you are doing, even if it is nothing at all. Unbiased support can be the most helpful at times, and we know that it is much easier to stop self harm when there is someone beside you who has been through it. We hope for those that self harm, this thread becomes a safe, nonjudgmental place that can offer solace by telling you that you are not alone.*~
*>Thread Rules<*
~*There are a few rules that we have here at TPT, for nothing other than the safety of the people that call this place home. Considering it is a touchy subject, it is much appreciated that you respect these rules. Thank you.*~


-Always follow the rules and guidelines of all of Gaia's forums. This is a friendly place, let's keep it that way!

-Be polite and curtious to our members. Any unnecessary comments, remarks, or insults will not be tolerated.

-Do NOT advocate or suggest suicide in any way. Comments like, "Go kill yourself" or "You should die" will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

-Saying things like "Cutting is stupid" has no purpose here. Please clarify why you feel the way you do, for the greater good of all involved in this thread.

-If you're just passing through, and don't necessarily want to post, please bump the thread with a heart before you leave! heart

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