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Her eyebrows are driving me up the ******** wall... But she has very nice teeth.
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I watched the advertisement, I waited patiently and what did I get? 'Video not available in your location' -sigh- emotion_donotwant
yea I think she is pretty. but I think beyonce is prettier.
Not a picture of me, so I'd say she's pretty ugly.
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For someone who's claiming to wear little to no make up, she's very pretty.
However I think the whole idea of there being one most naturally beautiful woman on the planet is a load of bullshit.
Queen Nefertiti had already been declared the world's most beautiful woman.

So opinions on any female who came after her is moot. neutral
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they're using the wrong standards for their measurements, da vinci figured it out more accurately then the greeks ever did
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She's average, not the most attractive person I've seen.
It's really people's personal opinions on what they like to look at.
They hold contests like this to attract humans to argue what's pretty, what's good, what you really want.
Tell me, LD, do you believe in perfection? Depends what you're trying to label perfect. Someone can be perfect but the only way that can be determined is being judged by someone you really care about impressing. If you care about impressing everyone, no, you cannot be perfect.

Do you think she's perfect? Your video isn't available in Canada apparently. Ahaha.

Is the importance of physical appearance overrated? Much, much, MUCH too overrated. Fashion, make-up, advertisements, racism, um, yes. People care too much about what's on the outside.

And what is the point of holding a contest like that in the first place? As a society, we're going to try and find something to latch onto to try and prove our importance. If you're labelled the most naturally beautiful woman, obviously, you'll feel like the most royal piece of s**t out there.
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There are LDers that look far better than her.

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