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This is not addressed to anyone in particular. It does, however, address a group of individuals. These individuals make up the masses of people who occupy "hate" groups, and "anti" movements. This includes but is certainly NOT limited to:

- Xenophobia/racism
- Homophobia/anti-gay
- Transphobi/cissexist
- Islamophobes/anti-muslim
- Hatred against other religions
- Hatred against atheists/secularism
- Hatred of members of a political party
- Ablism/attack on the disabled or mentally ill
- Conflating disorder with illness
- Bullying/cliques/stereotyping
- Sexism/misogyny/misandry
- etc.

So this thread is not about any particular group of haters. HOWEVER, it is NOT A general discussion because it is about the Bigoted Lifestyle. Allow me to define this below:

Someone who lives a "bigoted lifestyle" spends their free time crusading AGAINST movements or certain individuals who are a member of said movement or group. These are the people who, for instance, attempt to "erase" a group of people by attacking them endlessly, usually in internet sparring (though, rarely, some do it in person).

Can you say you are a person who's actively harassed someone over something? Like other than being an a*****e or ignorant? Do you challenge people's political/religious beliefs, their sexuality, gender identity or otherwise? I think we can all say we've bullied furries, for instance.

Why do they feel it's is their "place" to call someone out, and make sure they know they're "delusional" just because they disagree with what they believe? There's a difference between conflicting with facts, and having a difference of opinion.

I do not understand people who actively SEEK OUT new "victims" to harass. You cannot change a person, especially not by being a piece of s**t to them. They will dig even deeper. It's a pretty good rule of thumb to know you can't change people, period. They will do what they want. And if their lifestyle is not against the law or actively harming people, why the ******** do they give a s**t?

See, I get people arguing passionately about politics. Because that s**t affects people. However, I do NOT understand people attacking homosexuals, transsexuals, people of any race (because of their race), disabled people, people who dress/look a certain way, members of peaceful religions/secularism, etc. These people's lifestyles might "disturb" them or conflict with their traditional values, but why are they so focused on basically talking trans to that person? Are they trying to destroy that person or make them kill themselves? Are they trying to maker that person act as ugly as they feel that person is? What is the point in backing them into a corner? Are they just personally getting off of this for their bruised ego?

What do you think? Why do people go on hateful crusades?

Let's be clear. I have respect for strong, passionate opinions-- when they are backed by a thorough understanding of a subject. Most bigots I run into are so ignorant. But the ignorance itself does not explain why they waste this much time talking trash to people.

I understand aggression when you are dealing with an idiot. Like someone who really does not know what the ******** they are talking about, starting s**t with you. I am talking about the INSTIGATORS. What are they getting out of it? Why do they start these battles, do you think?
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i did not read the entire post because i am lazy but in short i will rely in my "hippy" way
We are all living on the this earth together and no matter how much we may dislike it that is not changing anytime soon
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They do not understand, they are unfamiliar with the thing of their hate, it makes them uncomfortable, they wish to be rid of it because of this alienation they get from it.

Probably the same reason I'm terrified of spiders, they make me uncomfortable since they are alien or unfamiliar to me, as a result I end up killing them with my shoe.
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Empassioned speeches are admirable indeed, but in hindsight, Hitler's were nothing to be listened to.

Bigotry stands in the way of so many accomplishments that could be made in this day and age, its frustrating to think that people STILL have issues with people that are simply of a different skin color or religion, namely in America, the country that's supposed to be about freedom of expression and acceptance of diversity. rolleyes

I for one believe bigoty, starts at the home. Children build associations based on their environments and when behavior likened to hostility toward a certain kind of person is observed they will follow through.
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I assume it's either from trauma or lack of genuine exposure to whatever they're crusading against. It's really easy to despise a group of people if you never really had to experience them in a bonding situation.
grand daddy troll
i dont like gay people

I love how your username contains the word "troll" that way I know you're not being serious. Good for you.
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Low IQ linked to racism and social conservatism. People resist what they cannot understand. Polar ideologies with strict rules, like conservative Christianity, are easier for people with lower IQ to grasp, and they will cling to their beliefs, well, religiously. It doesn't have to be religion, though - any black-and-white mentality attracts people who aren't that bright.
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grand daddy troll
i dont like gay people

bisexuals not included, right?
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A lot of people I know who hates gays, usually just hate them because they think it's "gross" or "unnatural." They aren't even very religious, they just think it's weird.
Which doesn't bother me as much of a bible thumper screaming "OMG JESUS HATES TEH GAYS YOUR ALL GOING TO HELL BLEAAAAAAAA!!1111!"
Which luckily, I haven't met many of those.
Honestly I think whoever's being a bigot, can either be doing it on purpose or just standing for a load of bullshit they've heard in their life that isn't right. (example: grandma tells mom being gay isn't right, she learns from her and tells her children, etcetc.) See this is what I don't like. People who pass it on from generations to generations. And it's hard to get them to turn into the open-side of life. Hell, some people just like to troll and do it just to put you down but they know that there's nothing wrong with it - but decide to be a dickshit anyway. Others of course, learn from their elders and pass it on to their youngins. I think people like this BELIEVE you can make a change, and have absolutely no idea what it's like to be in your position, but decide to say whatever the ******** they think is right or wrong anyway.

They think we'll think "Oh I guess they're right. I feel bad, maybe I should just turn straight/girl/boy/etc." They expect this from you, but they actually have no idea of what they're actually saying. They THINK they know what they're saying, but they don't. They should know that they're being discriminating, narrow-minded pieces of s**t. However in their view, it's more like they're being logical, correct, and inspirational. They think we're the sick ones, THEY ARE. They don't realize we're naturally the way we are, they don't realize that their case is like being racist. And alot of them know racism is wrong, so why go ahead and try to ******** with the LGBT community? Oh that's right, because it's similar to rape, murder, bestality, *****, etcetc. For them we're just taboo people. Period.

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