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I was curious about how many people who are using Tumblr now.
First we had Myspace. Now a lot of people use Facebook. But I
have noticed an increase in the use of Tumblr.

So, Gaians.

Do you use tumblr?

If so, why?

If you want another follower, just let me know.

I use tumblr because I get bored and like to see interesting things.

Just for fun, here's mine.
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Hygenic Werewolf

Tumblr looks like a hipster diary.
In all honesty, I pretty much know nothing about it.Might try it one day though.
No, don't use tumblr and don't care for it.
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Hot Exhibitionist

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Not a lifestyle. Just another way to connect to like-minded people. I enjoy it.
Depends on the person...
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Conservative Vampire

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Nope! Pointless.
i think it's stupid.

guess i'm not hipster enough.
I use tumblr for gay porn and to follow trans-related things. 8]
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Shameless Gawker

Tumblr is an offensive word.
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I like tumblr. It has a good collection of funny s**t and updates more than 9gag.
It has a s**t ton of hipsters, but if I don't like the blog I just don't follow it.
Census: Hipsters like tumblr.

What is a Hipster then?
I use it. It's a pretty big part of my life right now also.
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Romantic Lunatic

Half of it are hipsters.

The other half are crazy fandom fangirls.

I belong to the second half, and it's fun. It's fun.

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