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what is better

pie 0.1304347826087 13.0% [ 6 ]
cake 0.5 50.0% [ 23 ]
movies 0.1304347826087 13.0% [ 6 ]
you dont care...... 0.23913043478261 23.9% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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so hows life it good for me just people and school at times but everything is all good put funny videos on here ;p
I don't even have the heart to be mean right now.

Life's not bad; I mean, I was in a s**t mood for the past two days but that's all changed with an energy drink! I think that's like the third or fourth I've mentioned energy drinks within the past ten minutes on this site; better check my privilege before I wreck my privilege.

I don't have any funny videos to share right now though. sad It's not that I can't find any, more like I'm too lazy to go through my YT favourites list and find them.

Keep on truckin, you swaggy hair man!
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dream beam's Wife

Cute Girl

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King Cutie-Pie

            I'm too lazy to post a video.

            But life is pretty nice. smile
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Tipsy Poster

My life is great. 4laugh

Right now life is weird. A minute ago I felt like life was good.
In this moment my mood took a deep plunge into deeply depressed out of nowhere and I have no clue why. It's really weird. So I guess because of that, in this moment, my life just seems really pointless and trivial. It'll pass.
I'm probably going to do some homework so I'm not sitting here and wallowing in these intrusive thoughts.

I have no videos, sorry! smile
Life is awesome. But not awesome enough for me to post a video. Still, I love life right now.
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s**t sucks.
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Adored Sweetheart

Getting ready for Thanks Giving, family is all going to meet up in Austin. Going shopping with Mom I'm the morning to get all the food ready.
No one gives a flying ******** about mine, so why should I care about someone elses life?
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Diamond Rogue

Life could be better.

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Omnipresent Lunatic

I've been fair. I just earned the required moneys for decent OC art, so i'm pretty.. 'GET ALL THE ART! D<!' Atm.

As far as videos. I found this one to be amazingly funny as ********. .. I don't find many videos to be this awesome Dx

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