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Well, I don't actively go out of my way to make the lives of others miserable, and when I can, I try to better the lives of those I care for. I also don't actively go out of my way to do things that are considered immoral by the greater public.(Such as stealing, cheating, beating the s**t out of the elderly/young/animals, don't have sex with children/animals, or purposely wreaking havoc in any other manner.)

But I'm also considered a sexual deviant. (Gay and into BDSM with my long-term partner/husband.)
So, personally, I don't think I deserve eternal damnation for enjoying healthy, consenting activities.
I really don't know.
I'm an atheist so I would think I deserve a place six feet under where my ashes end up fertilizing a tree.
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User Image I'll be burning, but only because I want to be cremated. 83 User Image
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Liberal Receiver

I really don't know.
I'm an atheist so I would think I deserve a place six feet under where my ashes end up fertilizing a tree.

Completing the cycle of life!

To be honest, I've always liked the idea of a tree being planted on top of me when I die. Or any long-living hearty plant that helps better the world biggrin
So, a bush would work too biggrin
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I say it all the time:

Heaven for the climate; Hell for the company.

Mr Stylo
Why yes, I will be going to hell. I'll be seeing you when I get there.

Who wants to hang out with a bunch of boring mormons anyways? Satan seems like a pretty fun guy to be around. (I'm talking about the south park version of heaven by the way).

Plus he has bitching birthday parties. I can't wait!
Neither Lady Luna will take my spirit energy back to equestria with her....what's with the influx of heaven and hell style biz on LD days of late??

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Girl-Crazy Bloodsucker

[******** that.
I wanna go to Purgatory.
I bet Purgatory throws the best parties.
Axel Jax
Mr Stylo
Why yes, I will be going to hell. I'll be seeing you when I get there.

I'll save you a spot, man.

Take the quiz. See where you will end up!
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Neither place exists so it doesn't matter but according to religion i deserve to roast in the pits of hell for all eternity.

Oh lord they say all souls you forgive, so if that's true then why does there need to be a hell? Hey? What's that sulphury smell? I can feel fire creepin up my thigh. :-3
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Dapper Ladykiller

I deserve to get reincarnated as a warrior queen who can sing and lives in a castle with horses and a vineyard and hot tubs and you will all be my bitches.
I don't know if I deserve anything. But I do know one thing, I was born here on Earth and I have to respect and honor that. smile
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I think I'm going to some level of hell for being lazy during my teenage years, or something. But I'm baptized so it doesn't count, right? Er, wait, is that Catholicism or Christianity?
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I'm Jewish and raised to believe that there is no afterlife.

Do I, myself, believe in it despite my religion? ... No, not really.

My soul will die with the rest of my brain.

If I did believe - I'd probably go to hell. There are too many things that I have done in my life to warrant it. Though, I think a time-out situation instead of ETERNAL DAMNATION would be probable.
I'm not religious now, but even when I was I felt like I'd go to hell as opposed to heaven. Heaven was always described as something for the select few. What did I ever do that was special enough to deserve a spot in heaven? I didn't lie, cheat, or steal and I was very active when it came to volunteer work and always looked out for others, but I still felt like I was undeserving to go to heaven.

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