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Does anyone of you here have smelly feet? or know someone who does?
How did you or they stop it? any remedies? or are you all still searching?

I had smelly feet once. Shoes or sandals,either way it always ended up smelling bad by the end of the day. My uncle(once a basketball player) said that he once had that and stuffing news paper in the shoes help to absorb the smell. My mom on the other hand ( a microbiology professor/medical technologist/nurse ) said that my shoes and sandals are a great culture medium for fungi because of my sweaty feet(that only I inherited from my grandfather xP). So she bought be Dr. Scholl foot spray,I sprayed my shoes everyday..religiously..to no avail. It still stunk gonk

So..I went on the internet and found that not washing the feet could be a cause of smelly feet. It's not like I don't wash them..it's just that I would lather it with soap and water then rinse.So I tried it out.I bought a nail scrub and twice a day(before I leave the house and once I come back) I would sit down in the shower and scrub it for 15 minutes.

After 2 days of doing that.I kicked off my shoes and smelled nothing! My socks smelled great,leathery like my shoes but nothing odorous.
biggrin I feel really glad. I just wanted to share it with you guys.Well..haters gonna hate
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Well..haters gonna hate
.....About you not washing your feet...?
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I read an article over off uses for cheap vodka and it said you could use it to soak your feet in and kill bacteria and fungus.
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You know it's too early when the first thing you think of after reading that topic was "Well, then just chop them off."

Anyway, Washing your feet would be a plus, but in some cases, its the bacteria/fungi/small civilizations..etc. built up in the shoe material that's causing the problem. That's why those sandals that you can stick out in the sun to kill bacteria are so popular.
I´ve never had that before. I have a friend who does though. He uses foot powder and it works, at least when he puts it on.
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So it was basically a case of poor hygiene.
Dolce Rogue
So it was basically a case of poor hygiene.
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My feet have no smell. But I'm pretty clean. I scrub everything and keep my fingernails and toenails clean and short.

I've heard good things about odor powder though.

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talcom powder?
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Excuse me, miss.
SPLOOSH obviously.
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I never have that problem. But they do stink after wearing my leather flats xp but I rarely wear them anyway.
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petite souris
Excuse me, miss.
SPLOOSH obviously.

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