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@ Ciara: Hell, that would make me feel better too.

@ Stella: Welcome back! How's it going with a now 6 month old?

Little update on us:
My stepdad's dad died over the weekend. He's been pretty sick (I don't know with what) and that's part of the reason my mom and stepdad moved 12 hours away, so they could be near him. It's very sad and I really hope they're doing okay.. I haven't heard much from them. I'd only met his parents maybe three times ever, but it's still something to deal with.

We spent the entire weekend at our city's comicon. It was our first and it was so awesome. We spent... 4 hours on Friday, 8 on Saturday, and 5 on Sunday with Aden... so 17 hours overall there this weekend. It was so awesome.
I'm sorry about your step-dad's dad. :c

Things are hard, but good! He will be 7 months on Thursday! <3
@ Stella: That's a really fun age!

So, one of my best friends is pregnant... not sure if I've mentioned it here. Her cousin, who I actually work with, has been trying to get pregnant since she got married just over a year ago (she's Mormon). It's been hard to avoid telling her that my friend/her cousin is pregnant, as my friend isn't yet far enough along to tell everyone. I had a feeling as soon as my friend told me she was pregnant that her cousin would be soon to follow - because otherwise I would sure she would be secretly really jealous that she hadn't gotten pregnant yet. Well, my friend just texted me and told me that her cousin is pregnant! I'm not supposed to know yet, and I just KNOW I'm going to be closing with her tonight at work... should be nice and awkward.

Anyway, I had also heard from my friend that her cousin's marriage, while being an "ideal" Mormon one, isn't going very well. Her husband is about 8 years older than her (she's 23 and he's like 31) and he's got a really insane addiction to World of Warcraft. Apparently it got so bad that he stopped going to school (which is why he's still a University student at his age), and that she finally had to move the computer into the living room so they could spend time together. Over the weekend, I ran into her at the comic expo... alone. She said her husband was going to come with her, but he changed his mind and stayed home. I feel so bad for her... and now she's pregnant.

Sorry, bit of a rant there...
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I posted a few days ago and now its gone...? Did I say something wrong?
@ Penni: Hm... I never saw anything recently from you. Gaia glitch? Lena isn't here very often either so I doubt she would've removed something. sad
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I saw your post Penni.. But then it just disspeared. But gaia is glitching a lot lately.
Hi girls. Hope you've all been okay.

I kind of disappeared off the face of the planet for like a week.
Between trying to be supportive to Adam and his family and all the other crap, Imogen's got chickenpox so she's requiring a lot of my attention (mainly to stop her from scratching herself) and i've tried and failed miserably at finishing my university work. Mitigating Circumstances it is again.

I've got my surgery in two days. Nervous. As. ********. They decided to go for the bigger op of removing my ovary, and do some tests for cancer on the 'cyst'. Dreading it so much...

I will back read when I have the time, i'm not ignoring posts because i'm ignorant, I will get around to it, honest! Probably when i'm recovering from the surgery at home...
@Penni ; One of my posts did this a couple weeks ago. It disappeared but I didn't feel like re typing it, because it was a lot. Ugh!

@Stella ; Welcome back! Hope things are going well for you and your son!

@Ciara ; Good luck on your surgery!
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Hey everyone. Single mom of a two year old here. Been single for about 8 months now, son's father is no longer apart of the picture and I can say quite honestly, it is a relief. Being a mom is hard enough as it is, being a single mom is even more work.

My son and myself are currently staying in a hotel shelter and while it's comfortable and safe, it is not a home. Working my butt off so we can get outta this place.
Well i'm home from the hospital. Really glad to be home, hospitals are just horrible.
I'm fairly sore and fragile right now, but trying to walk around as much as possible and just keep busy. Adam keeps telling me to go to bed, but i'm a stubborn one.
The stitches and staples are just ugly to look at, that's the only thing thats bothering me badly. It makes me want to vom just looking at it.
You girls that have had c sections, total respect to you for that. I don't think I could cope with the staples, it's bad enough to have it on one side, let alone all the way across!

@Stella - I want to say Rumer, but i'm not entirely sure? I hope i'm right!

@Kayla - I'm sorry to hear about of your step dad's dad.

@Lena - Thank you. It wasn't too bad, though I did kind of freak out at one stage. My brain was just all 'I wanna go home now, I can't be here' and it took a little while to calm down. It was probably because of the IV.. man I have a borderline phobia of those.

@Scarred - Hello, welcome to the thread. I'm sorry to hear about your situation but i'm glad you are working towards a better future for you and your little boy.
I. Am. Exhausted.

Last weekend was busy. I got Tyler Mastodon tickets for his birthday, and the concert was on Friday. Afterwards we went and saw the Avengers, and didn't get home until almost 3 am. We saw it again Saturday morning, then went to free comic book day, came home and hung out, and then went out for birthday drinks - again, not home until almost 3. Sunday was spent at work, and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. Better learn how to get enough hours in, cause next week I'm actually working more than 40 hours!
Holy s**t... I have 42 hours of work next week. Normally "full time" at my work is around 30 hours. I have Saturday/Sunday off, then work straight from next Monday to the following Monday. The 42 hours is just from Monday to the following Sunday. We're suddenly down a couple people in my department, AND our assistant manager next week. I wish I could get a promotion just based on the fact that I'm doing three extra jobs next week. :/
Have any of you girls used a back stretcher? I'm interested in getting one because I think my posture is not helping my back problems at all.

I'm healing okay, Imogen is getting better, so we arn't doing badly. We've booked some holidays. Adam is going to Thailand with his brother for two weeks., and i'm taking the kids to the seaside here in England for a week.
I'm behind on assignments. I can't complain about things right now though, just thinking positively.
@ Ciara: Never used one... sorry!

Vacations sound like a good idea. I've heard really cool things about Thailand, and I bet Adam needs some time away.

I've decided to apply for school. Work just isn't satisfying me anymore, even though I love my job. I don't want a new shitty job though... I wan't something more. So I'll probably have to stick it out there for 2 more years (if I get in to school), but then at least there will be something better at the end of it all.
@Kayla - They look so uncomfortable, which is why I wanna know if anyone has tried any. Oh well, ill try to find some reviews.

We do plan to do some travelling as a couple and with the kids over the next few years. We booked China for later this year, just the two of us. The rest will just be planned later on. Little holidays like going to Scotland, i've never been and neither has the kids, but i'm sure it'll still be good.
Adam's going to Thailand with his brother simply because I can't cope with the heat in the summer here, let alone over there, but i'm sure he'll enjoy himself and like you said, it would do him some good to get away from it all.

What do you want to go to school for? Adam's brother has applied to go back to get a degree in Social Work.

Adam turned 39 yesterday. He had really good day, but I could tell he was just thinking of his mum all the time. That can't really be helped I guess. It's just scary how fast time is going. I can't believe my eldest, Phoebe is going to be 9 in December, every year she gets older it shocks me all the same of how fast they all grow up...

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