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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes gosh i love shoes, how bout u???
I used to LOVE shoes but that was when I could feel my feet. I was diagnosed with MS {Multiple Sclerosis} 3 yrs ago and lost feeling in my feet.

Now I'm stuck with comfortable slippers/shoes. Oh well at least their cheaper to buy!!! wink
Er I just have a pair of converse and that's pretty much it.
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If I wasn't so cheap it'd be goth boots and skater shoes. But as it is I just go to walmart and buy what looks half decent.
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no shoes = no life wink
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I like slippers. They're easy to put on, and they look nice. Plus they're the only things apart from sandals, heels, and sneakers.
Toast cannot be explained by any rational means. Toast is me. I am toast.

I like shoes, but I'm not obsessive like some people...
...the shoes I buy I want to be able to actually walk in...
...and walk far...
...so I end up with a lot of sneakers and a few pair of nice boots.

...which reminds me, I still have to break in my Doc Martens...

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I don't hate shoes. Well, it doesn't what shoe I wear. I just wear them!

*I prefer barefooted than wearing my shoes at home.*
I wear flip flops til it snows... Imma not really into shoes all too much.

I do have a nice pair of Blundstone from AussieLand that I'm quite fond of however.
I'm not one of those who's super hyper and yay over shoes.
I've had the same pair of Skechers for five years now and I wear them almost everyday.
But the backs have broken down and they're getting uncomfortable so I'm on the look out for some new shoes.

I must admit I am coveting a lovely pair of white boots at the moment.
But they're not stupidly overpriced either, only £10.
I like shoes...but I'm not absolutely crazy about them, having to buy every pair that's cute and catches my eye.

Which is a good thing, since I work in a shoe store. lol
I love shoes too but i dont have many as i am quite poor sad

Oh well smile
I only have one pair... i think shoes are like bathing suits! they are all so ugly it's impossible to find a nice one!
I have a strange fascination with shoes... I buy almost all of them that fit me and are cute.
But the good thing about that is that I have tiny feet [size 3], so not many fit me.
hell I am in love with shoes I go to payless everytime I get money!!!!!! heart Oh yea!!!! I love em!!

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