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My logic: Don't question it and we can pretend like its not a big deal.
I just.. I want to thank you for making this thread.

This is one of those things I believe will always need more awareness because there will always be someone who doesn't understand. Although I think this is the kind of thing that cannot truly understood unless you have been in that kind of situation, I still think it needs more awareness. And those who want to understand, can try.

I've been in a depression so deep that I have thought about and gone through with cutting. It's something I haven't admitted to anybody but my mother. I still some days have trouble accepting that I even had such thoughts.
The way I saw it, was that I wanted to feel anything, anything other than the deep sadness I was experiencing. The problem was, once I went through of it, everything got worse.

I've recovered from my depression since then, thankfully.
And I believe anyone who truly wants to stop self-harm, can do it. You do have the strength to do it and to recover. Believe in yourself.

Again, thank you. heart .
I think, generally, there is a whole stigma around any sort of mental disorders in general... but self harm seems to have a greater stigma. People might "know" it's a problem that people self-harm, but hey don't understand what it is, why, etc.

Yeah smile It's still a struggle for me..... but it's actually encouraging that the longer I go without it, the easier it is not to want to do it when something comes up that used to normally trigger me to do it. <3

And thank you!! heart
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Thank you so much. And yes, just a few days ago my mother said since I'm not straight for the next five years I'm not allowed to have anyone spend the night. Ever. And uGH. I'm so sorry that all of that happened to you, and especially that no one noticed. Because these things are hard to go through alone, and it really blows that I couldn't have like somehow helped you. I'm glad that now it's different, and that you feel better about both yourself and your life. Thank you so much. You can talk to me as well, or add me, whatever! You have great advice heh.
Oh my god, really? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry. A lot of people have it a lot worse than I do, honestly. But I can't thank you enough for reading it, man! I'll try not to give up. I think we can all make it, with help, you know?
Ahhh I doNNT EVEN KNo W.
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Troll is trolling you. Don't respond to them. That is the only way to thwart a troll.

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