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Why should we have to respect women, again?
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Being Telluric
Why should we have to respect women, again?

What us being.said here is to respect WOMEN, not girls lol!
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lol goodjob! i was tempted to get back at my ex for cheating on me. he bitched about how the distance between us was hrting him so i saved up to go see him, i spent 2 days booking everything then i wake up the next morning to find out that he cheated on me with some girl i never even knew excisted... but funny thing is.. im not gonna put revenge on him.. if he cheated on me he will to her then realize i was better then her (she is jail bate) so when he finds out i found someone better then him, he'll feel horrible and THAT will make me feel amazing! ^_^
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Aaaaand perfect example of why I hate girls.
I finally got my revenge agaisnt my ex bf and I feel ******** GREAT!!!!!! lol

He cheated on me and I got him back by making his new gf break up with him. It wasnt that hard. I hated her too. While me and him were together I found all these flirty text messages from her on his phone. He claimed that he wasnt replying back to any of it... ******** heap of bullshit. rolleyes I found even MORE emails from her in his FB account and he was flirting back with her. I broke up and then he got toegher with her a few days after. I was devastated and seriously depressed in the beginning... he had been my first everything.. afterwards I felt angry though and I wanted him to feel as bad as I did too. I was pissed off with how happy they were when they shouldnt be. I was HELL pissed off at her for taking eveyrthing AWAY from ME. stare

So I decided to take revenge on him and her. I texted him saying how I missed the times we had together and his touch.. it was too easy. He fell for it... I met up with him behind her back and started hanging out. One thing led to another and eventually I ended up back at his place. We had sex a few times. I bitched about her behind his back and he started agreeing with me realising what a b***h she was too. He ended up dumping HER for ME. Then a few days later I dumped him and today I hooked up with his bestie!! lol

Everyone was telling me that I would feel like s**t at the end of it but I dont. Not one bit. It was worth every bit of it seeing them upset over me. biggrin

It's cool if you did what you could to sour your ex-boyfriend's new relationship. Neither he nor his new girlfriend respected your relationship with him and they are not owed any respect in return.

However, I suggest you leave it alone and move on with your life. Regardless of how you feel about your ex,neither he nor the girlfriend are worth anymore of your time and emotional energy.
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yum_cupcake S-U-G-A-R...
Jump into your racing car

gaia_gaiagold Bitches. Bitches everywhere. gaia_gaiagold

and say SUGAR RUSH!
SUGAR RUSH yum_cupcake
Wish I could do that to my cheater boyfriend.

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