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You let it go high school by getting him to break up with her for you then dumping him.

Mine is still with his new gf, but he clearly loves me and she knows it, so they're stuck in a really unhappy relationship. They're estranged from their families so they only have each other, and neither of them wants to admit they should break up, so they're just miserably living together! They hate each other! I save all the conversations we have because they're so pathetic, I read them when I feel sad and I can't help but laugh.
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I'm overjoyed for you. Now you're just as much of a sleazebag as your ex. Congratulations.

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how would you feel if your plan backfired or if he didn't get upset at all?
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This was no revenge scheme. This was your way of getting back what you wanted, which was the attention and desire of your ex-boyfriend. A healthy-minded individual would have been able to heal and forgive the transgressions that happened to you in a previous relationship because letting go and only doing what’s best for yourself to make yourself happy without them is being healed and no longer the victim.

Subconsciously, I don’t think you were ever ready to let go of him. There were other ways you could have messed up their relationship, but you chose to jump right into having sex with him more than once. So, yeah, you just wanted to have him again – even fleetingly.

And now that you have this on your record, you are officially as low and as much of a scumbag as he is. Do you think this is a highlight of your life? Using your body as a sexual tool to make people break up for your own selfish satisfaction? How do you suppose any of your following suitors are going to feel about that? Do you think they are even going to want to be with you knowing that if they screw up somehow you might use your body in some way to “get revenge”?

Honestly, you’re no better than he was for cheating on you. That’s even worse, really.

Honestly, your actions just show that you're spiteful, petty, pathetic, and miserable. :/ you are every bit as bad as he was for cheating...even more so. It honestly would have been so much better to take the high road and move on and let karma do the dirty work. He did it to you, so he would have done it to her too eventually and it didn't have to be with you.
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Maybe I'm evil.

but good job. Revenge is hard to get sometimes. Especially when they deserve it.
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"Revenge and punishment are different things. Punishment is inflicted for the sake of the person punished; revenge for that of the punisher, to satisfy his feelings." - Rhetoric, bk. i, ch. 10
Low and crappy!

I don't do revenge...I leave that to karma. Its its job, period.
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That's actually really awesome. You got him good and even though you had sex with him when he didn't deserve your p***y, I could see that it was well worth it to get back at him. I know because I tried doing something similar.

The situation starts out with me and my ex Karen (I might as well say her real name, I don’t give a ********) meeting in ceramics class in college during February of 2010. We spoke to each other on the first day and we really hit it off right. About a month later, we started a relationship. The relationship itself was a disaster though. It was basically 9 months of no communication and no love from her. It was due to this that I suspected her of cheating and needless to say, I had no idea how right I was.

Our relationship was on the rocks by the time it ended as we had gotten into a few arguments about her lack of communication. I had a habit of going around the campus of my school to see if I could find her anywhere, mostly to her usual hangout spots. One day however, I was working at the computer lab at the art department in my school when my gut tells me to just check out Karen’s usual hangout spots again. This time, it was really strong and I couldn’t deny it. So, I went to the music building (this was where Karen would take me whenever she wanted alone time with me) to see if she was there and when I checked the rooms from the windows on the doors, in one of them I saw someone sitting on the desk looking as though he was kissing someone. I moved on from it thinking it was nothing only to go back and see that the girl the guy was kissing was Karen! I pretty much looked up in shock even though I was expecting Karen to do this but I didn’t break down or anything. I was still too upset to confront Karen about this so later I would text her saying “We’re done.” She responds by saying “Why? Fine with me.” And I proceed to tell her that I saw her with another guy. She was pretty much shocked it seemed that I found out given her response. We then start to have an argument when all of the sudden the guy she was with texts me from her phone starting off with “Yo! This is Ernesto.” Little did they both know, this one simple action was the one seedling that I needed to plant my revenge against them.

For about 3 months after, the actions that they did kept eating away at me and I was just really angry at the fact that I didn’t know what to do at the time. It took me a while, but I finally had decided to do something about my torment as I would create a fake profile and contact Ernesto from it. Fortunately, he was gullible and fell for my trap so perfectly that I got to trick him into talking to me via AIM (I was pretending to be a girl that I knew. The fake profile had all her pictures and everything). We spoke for several weeks but he would never admit that he had Karen as his girlfriend. I found it rather peculiar but I knew the truth. It was a good thing that we spoke on AIM (as much as he bored me) because he would later admit something that would allow me to take my revenge further, although I didn’t know what to do at the time.

I had decided to take it a step further and create another fake profile and impersonate someone else, this time of someone that but me and Karen know. It was really painful for me just to create the profile of the girl that I was impersonating because is was good friend of mine, I absolutely hated what I was doing, but once I done it, I felt fine afterwards. I got Karen to accept me as a friend and I contacted her, asking her how she knew me (Yobyaxes). What she had said next just filled me with rage as she would claim that I was never in a relationship with her and that I was actually stalking her for the whole time we knew each other, claiming that I was telling everyone that we were together (which I didn’t, but we WERE indeed together despite what she says). I couldn’t believe the bullshit that she said and it only made me what to punish her even more. At the time, my initial plan was to get back with Karen and cheat on her to see how she would like it, although this would end up being one of my setbacks.

Because I had the plan to get back with Karen in my head, I wasn’t really thinking right. Around February of 2011, I contacted Karen to “apologize” to her about the way I acted when we broke up. I managed to sucker her in to get close to her and at least get her to forgive me, but after that meeting she would once again feel distant and try to stay away from me much like she did when we were together. It really frustrated me as trying to get back with her was almost impossible. At the same time that I was doing all this, Ernesto had messed up and gave me a “key” sort to speak to be able to hack his Facebook (I won’t get into how I did it so don’t ask). I had always known how to hack Facebook profiles and I had done it once before, but I wasn’t expecting to do it a second time or to the people I was trying to get my revenge on. I actually still have access to his profile to this day and it would also come in handy, but that’s later in the story.

Anyway, while using Ernesto’s Facebook, I talked to Karen as him and tried to get details about what she thinks about me (Yobyaxes). At the time I spoke to her, Ernesto and Karen had broken up but they had remained friends so I tried to convince her to forgive me and try to be friends with me again but she didn’t really want to, she kept wanting to try to get back with Ernesto and I pretty much told her that I (as Ernesto) didn’t love her like that and that there was someone else. She took it pretty badly but she was okay with it overall (I think). Regardless however, she also lied to me (as Ernesto) about me even though we were “friends” again.

I was literally getting sick of trying to get back with Karen. I did everything I could and she just kept her distance more and more. So one day in March of 2011, I just decided that if she didn’t add my real Facebook profile, then we were done. I text messaged her and asked her to add me on Facebook again and she said no. I then respond with a “******** it!” and proceeded to tell her that I was never sorry for what I did and pretty much cursed her out. She had respond with “Go ******** yourself you a*****e!” and “Stay out of my life!” and other such insults. I honestly wish that I kept the convo, but I still remember bits and parts of it to this day. Once the fight was over, I felt a huge weight coming off my shoulders as I didn’t feel the burden of getting back with her anymore. However, I still hadn’t gotten my revenge and didn’t know what to do about it so without knowing what to expect, I add Ernesto’s Facebook profile to my real profile sending him a message saying “Hey, can you tell Karen that she’s a b***h?” He would actually add me and contact me asking me why I would say that and I pretty much told him the stone cold truth about what really happened on that day that Karen cheated on me. This one conversation would pretty much end up being the revenge that I was looking for; to destroy their friendship.

I would wake up the next morning after my conversation with Ernesto to a text message from Karen saying “We need to talk.” I took it that Ernesto told her about his conversation with me so I told her that everything that had been going on was her fault. This time around, Karen would respond to me about how sorry she was about what she did to me but I knew she wasn’t sorry for anything; she just didn’t want me to ruin her chances of getting back with Ernesto. I told her off and called her out on her lying, her lack of love, her lack of communication everything that I could think of at the time. I honestly wish that I could have had continued the conversation but at least I saved it in my computer; it was just awesome to see her grovel for forgiveness in order not to be exposed to Ernesto. Later, I’d log into Ernesto’s profile and in his conversation with Karen on Facebook, he told her that if what I had told him was true that he would hate her for life. So, I would contact Ernesto from my own Facebook again and reveal to him proof of what really happened. I sent him nude images of Karen that she had sent me and told him that they were proof that we were together since they were in my possession. At first, he took it in denial it seemed since he said that they didn’t prove anything, but I would later find out on Facebook that he had blocked Karen (as well as me)! This was the one victory that I was looking for and I jumped for joy that I managed to achieve it.

However, I knew that my victory over them would only last for as long as Ernesto decides to keep Karen blocked from Facebook. I kept close watch on both their Facebooks in order to make sure that they didn’t add each other again. Sure enough in July, they would once again add each other as I knew they would. I started to feel panic again as I didn’t know what to do at that point, but I still had one final trump card up my sleeve. I still had access to Ernesto’s profile as well as the nude pictures Karen gave me. It would be these two little tools that would completely destroy their friendship for good. Using Ernesto’s profile I uploaded Karen’s nude image and tagged her on it. At last, their friendship was completely destroyed as Karen would delete and block Ernesto from Facebook and Ernesto would take the full blame for it. He never found out that it was me and never even figure out what had happened until much later.

So there's my story. Very similar to your story my dear, but a lot more complex. You and me, we're a lot alike. We can't let these cheaters go without giving them what's coming to them.
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Congratz you have achieved the level of 'vengeful slut'.
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Wow. You're pathetic. Congratulations.

I don't need revenge because I have a life.
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That is the most stupid revenge I've seen.
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Revenge on your ex is immature. You sought out to be mean just to get some kind of power thrill from it.
You madam, suck a**.
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Wow. You're pathetic. Congratulations.

I don't need revenge because I have a life.

I did something similar, but I was like 15. It's okay if you're young, but if you're older then that's really low and stupid of you.
Yobyaxes Revenge

I read this a few months ago, you need to let go man.

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