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Well... The best thing I saw out of this, is that you're actually taking the time to stop and think if it is acceptable yet to be having intercourse. Whereas most kids these days don't quite give a damn. So you get brownie points on that aspect.
In my personal opinion, within a month of dating, is rather soon. (Though I'm guilty of having it around that time, but learned my lesson quickly. That you need more emotional attachment, and for both people to be ready.)
I guess I can understand the idea of going to a motel to do it. Seeing as how your parents don't approve, which they shouldn't. Because they are parents, you're still young, and it's within a family toned home. And by the way, having you pay for it seems pretty shady. He should at least pitch in.
And like people have said before, only have sex if you two truly are ready. And if so, please use protection. Especially if you are not ready for children. And at your young age, you shouldn't be. lol.
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~What age do you think is okay to have sex?
It's more of a maturity thing. If you're too chicken to go into a drugstore and buy a pack of condoms then you probably aren't ready to have sex. If you can't at least acknowledge the possible consequences of sex then you probably aren't ready.

~Is it okay to have sex due to pressure from the guy you're with?
It is NEVER okay.

~Are you a virgin? If not, what was your first time like?
I had sex for the first time when I was 18. It was.....awkward since my ex was 6'5'' and I am 5'4'' or something.
I don't really like thinking about it because looking back on the relationship, the sex wasn't worth it.
If you don't know the answer to that question then you aren't ready for it, people are different so you can't put a definite age onto it, obviously the older you get the more "proper" it can get, but not all 18 year olds are able to support a child, because no 18 year old has a good enough job to fund one. Your minimum-wage-part-time-name-tag job is not a job, it's a filler for when you're working your way to a real job. It's not about being old enough, I know you want to have sex, but it should wait.[/quote

Just to let you know, I have a lot more than a "minimum-wage-part-time-name-tag job". I have two jobs that both pay more than $10 an hour. If I really wanted to, I could support a child and I'm not quite 18 yet.
I agree with Chef's advice: 17, you're ready
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I think that you should have sex when you're ready, whatever that means for you. I definitely don't think you should have sex because anyone is pressuring you.

I'm not a virgin. I first had sex at the age of 23, and it was perfect. Not to say that it wasn't totally awkward and a little bit painful, but it was at the perfect time in my life, the perfect stage in our relationship, and just the perfect moment.

If I have any advice to give, it's this: don't feel bad because you want to do it sooner than you thought, make sure you trust the person you're doing it with and they understand how special (or not special) it is to you, and wait until the perfect moment.

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