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The only problem I have is that she's gonna do it because she's probably afraid of becoming some sort of pariah if she doesn't

She's old enough to make her own mistakes, and judging by the number of gaians regretting their first time she won't be the only person in the world who had done it.

She followed the thread and she read their stories; if she didn't get anything out of it, then I think a horrifying 20 minutes in a dingy motel room with a broken light switch and insect infected bathroom will be enough of a learning curve. Same for the guy probably going back to school and telling his friends during gym about how she was in bed.

The sad thing is, if she wasn't a pariah before, she'll probably become a pariah after that. Some people have to switch schools a couple times before getting rid of that mark.
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See A Roman Pick Him Up
See A Roman Pick Him Up

Sebastian Noir

Why are you two even arguing about this? A pack of quality condoms costs a few dollars. neutral

It's part of the principle of the thing, I guess. If a guy is using a girl for sex, the least he can do is buy her things and I think it should include the condoms, even if the girl helps in picking them out.

That, and in highschool without a job it's also kind of hard to get money. You cant exactly go to your parents and be all "hey, can I get money for x?" if you're the girl or steal money from them regardless. At least if it's the guy who has to ask, there's less social stigma and his parents would probably be happy he's asking.

Even if you do have money and a job, then you also shouldn't have to be the one paying for them. At least if the guy pays he's going to care more about whether they're good quality or effective. He'd also be more prone to using them if it's his money going down the drain.

Welp, personally I'd pay for the condoms in any situation unless we'd agreed to have children together. I'm not into unplanned pregnancies and STDs, and I doubt the girl'd be either.

Unless either of you have an STD, I think the only thing you'll need a condom for is the pregnancy.


But, good for you?
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What age do you think is okay to have sex?
I don't believe in a set age, but I think it should be when you KNOW you want to and you are ready.

Is it okay to have sex due to pressure from the guy you're with?
I wouldn't suggest it. ONLY have sex if you are emotionally ready for it. Think it through if you would be emotionally alright if the worst comes to it.

Are you a virgin? If not, what was your first time like?
No, my first time seemed natural to me and it was a good experience. I lost it to my current boyfriend and we were dating seven months at the time. smile
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You're old enough to have sex when you are ready to deal with the responsibilities that come if anything were to happen and you wound up pregnant. That's why I won't have sex until I'm 18, and with a stable job.
And you should wait at least 6 weeks before you put out.
1 month is pretty damned early
especially since he keeps bugging you about it.
...i wonder what he actually wants out of this relationship. hmmm.

(aka: i'm pretty damned sure this boy doesn't actually like you. if he does, he's letting his d**k control him a bit too much.)

Pressure from the other party in a relationship is never ok, it's that simple. If you don't want to or aren't ready don't. Yes most guys are horny ******** who just want to get to the 'goods' but if they don't learn now they never will.
Personally I think 16 is about the youngest anyone should really be before having sex, I wouldn't sleep with anyone younger than that when I was in my teens, and heck my limits shunted to 18 pretty rapidly.
I'm not a virgin, I lost my virginity nearly 9 years ago, when I was 16.
You're old enough to have sex when you are ready to deal with the responsibilities that come if anything were to happen and you wound up pregnant. That's why I won't have sex until I'm 18, and with a stable job.
And you should wait at least 6 weeks before you put out.

Now that is a line that I like, when you can deal with the responsibilities of you ******** up, then you can do it.
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I think the proper age is 18, since most people are more mature and going into adulthood. I understand there are exceptions to the rule but the majority of 18+ handle sex and it's consequences better.

No one should ever make you feel pressured to have sex. If you don't feel ready, say no and stand firm. If he still persists and doesn't get the hint, it's time to find someone else.
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Well, why are you paying? I think it should be split or the guy should pay. But how old ARE you guys? You have to be at least 18 to get a room, even 21 in some places.

1. I think it depends on the individual. I did everything BUT vaginal sex at 13. Some people say that's too young, but it hasn't really affected me much and I knew a lot about it for my age. Some people may be ready at that age... some might not be ready until they're 20.
2. No. I don't think anyone should pressure anyone to do anything they don't want to. And that's for EVERYTHING, not just sex. Relationships shouldn't be like that.
3. No. First time sucked though, but it doesn't matter because the sex with my current boyfriend is all that matters because the past is in the past biggrin
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~What age do you think is okay to have sex?
~Is it okay to have sex due to pressure from the guy you're with?
~Are you a virgin? If not, what was your first time like?

Whatever age you are when you feel like taking that step.
As long as you want it too. Don't let yourself be pressured into something you don't want.
Nope, I was 14, almost got caught, and I was so turned on by the idea I couldn't make myself talk, to ask for things.

If your going to do this, seriously, communicate. Talking, asking, laughing, these things help so so so much. It's intimidating to share yourself with someone else, and this is supposed to be something fun 3nodding
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At 18, you're generally ready. I can't believe you're paying for the potential hotel room.
I wouldn't put out for that alone. Is chivalry dead? Sounds like you could do much better.

My first time was with my high school sweetheart. Your first time will be disappointing. You're going to be asking yourself what the hype was all about. The thing is, the more you have sex, the better you'll get at it and the more fun it will be. (Experience and discovery counts a lot)

What is with this whole sex = baby scare? Birth control exists. Many different forms of birth control.
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If I were in your situation and I were feeling the way you were feeling I would tell your boyfriend if you two could wait until you truly feel as ready as he is. Also, going to a motel is kinda tacky/trashy idea to me, just wanted to share that as well.

I don't know about you, but only being with the person for a month and wanting sex so soon to me is kinda...scary unless you're into that kind of thing. neutral

I do not think there really is a proper age to have sex. I do believe however that whenever a person is mature enough to realize that being responsible is the best way to go about things like this and that both people in the relationship should work if they're planning on having sex.
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the age where you can support yourself for whatever happens if something goes wrong.


Indeed I am. 3nodding

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