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If you could, how many babies would you have at once?

Just the one! 0.296875 29.7% [ 19 ]
Twins! 0.484375 48.4% [ 31 ]
Triplets! 0.078125 7.8% [ 5 ]
Quadruplets! 0.015625 1.6% [ 1 ]
5+ 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Gold please. 0.125 12.5% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 64 ]
Hi, all!

You can call me Rachel. smile

I just came back to Gaia after a three year hiatus and was browsing the forums when I found you all! I'm almost 32 weeks with my first, so we're getting close! Eek! We just put up the cosleeper the other day, and now it REALLY is starting to look like a baby lives here. It's pretty crazy.

No idea what the sex is. I'm really against gender stereotypes, and I didn't want people stereotyping my baby before s/he is born. We call him/her Stormy right now, but s/he'll get an actual name once born. (Also, yes, that is a Doctor Who reference.)

Planning a natural hospital birth. I'm convinced that women's bodies were designed to give birth naturally, so I don't want any interventions unless they are medically necessary.

Faerie - I've also got an anterior placenta, which was super annoying at first, since it took forever for me to start feeling movements, but now I feel them all the time, and it's funny to watch my tummy dance when Stormy moves!

Also, congrats to all those who just recently found out! I wish you easy pregnancies!!
Hi. I am Amme. I had sex during my fertile period this month. 7 days til missed period. How early should I test?
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Hi ladies! I'm 7 weeks today and my Ovia app says that my little tadpole is the size of a Raspberry! I have to say that I'm pretty excited for the ultrasound next week (provided that we get one) even though all the blood work really freaks me out.

My depression has been getting the better of me these last few days and it has caused my hubs and I to start drifting. He's stressed out about bills, I wasn't able to work these past 4 days because morning sickness was kicking my a**. It's just been rough for us. It's hard not to relapse but I'm definitely working on it.

Do any of you know if my midwife would be able to help me get on depression meds?

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