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Did your water break on it's own?

Yes. 0.14765100671141 14.8% [ 88 ]
No. 0.23322147651007 23.3% [ 139 ]
I can haz gold? 0.61912751677852 61.9% [ 369 ]
Total Votes:[ 596 ]
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Old Wives Tales:
We didn't try it, so I have no idea. Lol. With Julyon we had two names picked
out right from the start, and with Kaitlyn we found out her gender waaaay
early through the Maternit21 test.

I just look fat. ._. I have this weird poochy skin pouch at the bottom of my belly,
so I don't even look pregnant. My belly isn't round or anything.

Veunus Rahl

Your belly is beautiful mama. c:


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I was weighing in the 180s with before becomming prego with both and topped at 208 with Joe and 212 with Robert...Looking forward to seeing what will happen next go around since I lost a tone of weight and now my weight range is between 135 and 143
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Cyrus cries no whenever I ask him if he wants a baby brother or sister =(
But every time we see a baby he goes "awwwww mama look you see the baby!? "

I hope he likes his baby sibling...
Veunus Rahl

I was 180 or so before my first pregnancy, probably 220 before this one. ._.

Faerie Dreams

My kiddo doesn't even understand the concept of a new baby yet. Lol.
I'm sure he will when she gets here though.


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Siblings - When every I ask my boys both say yes...and they both want a sister too. Oldest keeps talking about his sister as well...next baby really really hoping is a sister.
Maddy was excited for Lily. But I recently asked her if she wanted a bother or sister. She was horrified 'cause she thought I meant to give Lily away and have another lol She sure loves her sister. I asked if she wanted ANOTHER baby besides just Lily. she said no, Lily was enough. Good. We don't want another and I'm happy to know she's happy with the size of our family too. smile

      So, I have a question for anyone willing to answer. TheBump has given me some interesting, and optimistic, answers but I would like to ask here as well. I have been pregnant twice since the starting of this year and both pregnancies ended up as a miscarriage before the ending of the first trimester.

      My fiance and I have been trying again and I've been following my cycle, menstrual and ovulation, and if everything went accordingly I should be three weeks, two days pregnant. I had to go in for my monthly checkup for my Hypothyroidism and decided to have a blood pregnancy test done along with it. This was done yesterday. The test came back negative, but they don't test for the levels so they didn't have them for me to see.

      Some of the parents on TheBump said this has happened to them. That they went in just too early for those types of tests to come back positive because their levels fell just short to show a positive. I should be able to show a positive on September 1st, my next expected menstrual date, but I cannot help but feel shaken by that blood test result.

      After two miscarriages, I feel pretty darn defeated. I'm going to keep trying, though. But any insight? Personal experience?

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