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How do you feel about online classes? I have never taken one until this semester. I am taking Humanities. There is a ton of boring text reading and lecture reading. The we must take a 5 minute quiz, essay quiz, and post in the discussion board. You have to have atleast an average of 70% on everything to pass the class. The questions on the quiz are very specific so I ended up getting one wrong and getting an 80%.

I have also gone to the in class humanities taught by someone else. Having the material in lecture really helps me. But in his class, we have to write a lot of essays, do group presentations and there are 4 exams. There is also still reading.

I am in a strug. What class should I take? I am really worried if I don't make 100% on the all the online class stuff, I will not pass. Yet the in class has a lot more work and I am unsure of how hard a grader if and how hard the tests will be.
You guys helped me last semester when I was taking that Teacher Math class and you told me it was hard, take stats instead, so I did. Stats was hard for me, but I think it was the right choice. It is much more practical and applies to many majors.
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I am taking my first online class this semester as well, with an in-class component. It's intro to philosophy, but my teacher is great. Depending on how it's spread out, that can be a lot of work for a Humanities class. When I took humanities (just plain ole "Humanities" wink , we didn't have four presentations, nor any essays. Perhaps your teacher is using that as tool to measure what you're learning since you're not in class as much. Are you allowed to withdraw from a course if need be? For us the withdrawal period is in March. Not that it looks good to drop many courses; however, it can be a better option than receiving a D in a class that will do irreparable damage to your GPA. You can always talk to your professor about how you're doing or ask for clarification on certain concepts, especially during his office hours, if he's available and approachable. Getting help from any peers, too.

I know it must be stressful. You have no idea how difficult this professor is going to grade the assignments, and you're worried about how well you'll do on the online quizzes. Plus there's a lot of work involved for just one class. You have to make the decision relatively soon if you can handle the course material and do whatever it takes to pass. I don't know when the last day to drop is, but if it's say in a few weeks, maybe hang out for a couple weeks and see if you can do it. Are you taking this as a general ed? I'm thinking maybe you want options for another class. If so, what other classes do you think you'd be interested in taking instead of "Humanities" that would satisfy your requirement?
I'm terrible at them. I've taken 3 and I failed all three, all different times of the year.
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I've taken online classes in the past, but this is my first semester where the majority of my classes are online. I'm taking Nutrition, Microbiology+Lab, Life Span, and Intro to Psych Science online. My only on campus class meets at 2PM on Tuesdays.

You just have to remember to do things for your online classes. It can be easy to forget about them for some people. I have all of my course schedules on my wall above my desk. I just cross off things once I do them. I have dates for things due soon written on my white board so I don't forget about them. Organization helps.
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I took online courses for about a year and I got straight A's.

Contrary to what many may think, online courses require much more discipline to log on and do your work. That being said, this is the sacrifice one makes for being able to work at your own pace and in your pajamas.

Some people have that discipline *I did* and some people don't.
At the time, I had very little options. I was a mother to a newborn.

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