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For those who haven't heard, South Korea has receive another threat from North Korea. It threatened to reduce the South Korean government to ashes within 3 to 4 minutes along with their president and other rat-like elements. The threat raises concerns due to the shift of power to Kim-Jong Un. The threat seems to be a lot more specific when compared to the past. Satellite pictures reveal tunnels being constructed possibly in preparations for another nuclear test. Meanwhile China continued to vow closer ties with the North.


Thoughts and opinions?

Personally I'm worried. I'm a poolie in the Marine Corps. I really don't want to have to go to war with
China. On a side note its very possible I could be stationed there, which would sucks a** in an event of a nuclear attack.

verenicruz the frosted
lol it is north Korea, it isnt like they can take us on


...Meanwhile China continued to vow closer ties with the North...

North Korea is a piece of dried up dog s**t that I can easily wipe off my boots.

China on the other hand to supports North Korea and will back them up. I'd also like to point out a large portion of our manufactured goods are produced by China. In an event of war we'd most likely be sanctioned an no longer receive goods from them. Futher-more ******** up are already messed up economy.
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How do you solve a problem like Korea.
saying South Korean President Lee Myung-bak had insulted the North's April 15 celebrations of the birth centennial of national founder Kim Il Sung.

Seems like a solid plan.
That's saad..
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yeah good luck with that. rofl
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I keep wishing they'd accidentally blow Pyongyang up during their "satellite launchings", it'd save us a lot of trouble. Pity for the people living there, but compared to the casualties an actual war will deal, I'd still rather pick the accidental nuking of just one city.
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Don't they do that a lot? Threaten.
They don't have enough support (worldwide) to pull something like this off.

China has heavy ties with America, economically. It is unlikely they would pick a fight, at this time at least.

Russia has little to no reason as well, governments may be at odd, but there is just no 'justifiable' excuse to go to war.

Unless America is on it's last leg, I doubt anyone has the gonads to take us on. If they are smart they'll wait until we tear ourselves apart.

But who knows.
They just might try something crazy, unlikely though.

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cat_rolleyes Yeah yeah yeah, here we go again.

North Korea, like every other country in the world, knows damn good and well that any invasion of South Korea would result in an alliance of overwhelming opposition against them, and that nuclear weapons are much much less effective than conventional weapons and are good for nothing but deterrence at best.

Don't buy into the hype.

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