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I don't see what's wrong with being a nude model.
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I could see how it would be awkward for a lot of people, but it really wouldn't bother me if my brother did that sort of thing, even if I was in the class. It would upset me if people weren't respectful of my sibling in their work though.
I'm not seeing the issue here.
Do you find nudity to be immoral?
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I'm not seeing the issue here.
Do you find public nudity to be immoral?

I'm fine with with nudity, hell, I think people over react most the time. The issue is that I think some people in the class wont respect her as a model.

also at the person who said she must have low self esteem, absolutely not. There is nothing wrong with people who model, it's a perfectly fine career choice, if anything they are more comfortable with their body then others are. (although she got upset last night when someone drew her looking fat- which she isn't) She took this job because she is extremely desperate for money right now, she didn't choose it willingly. I think she'd rather not do it if she could avoid it, she even complained the teacher promised to pay her more then he actually is. But she needs the money bad.
Shadow Of Glory

If it's about beauty then she can put some clothes on lol. It would be different if she wasn't a student of that class. I too can find beauty in most things but you're still not noticing the Elephant in the room. This girl obviously has little self respect to be exposing herself, as this really is no different from that pornography i was talking about. Whether the viewers in realtime have cameras or pencils, it is what it is. Giving people the mindset that they are doing this for "art" could be the same mentality as a ***** tricking a preteen into child porn.

Like I said, your entire mindset is a farcry from most art students. The bare human body is a beautiful thing. You are under the impression that the goal of the artist is to seduce the woman into nudity for his own sexual pleasure when nothing could be further from the truth. You were raised in a culture where the human body is something to be ashamed of, why do you not accept that not everyone thinks in the same way you do? Don't take this as an insult, but as close minded as you are you will never understand the way others think. It seems like the truth is you would rather not understand and believe yourself to have the only morally correct stance. I see no point in arguing further.

No I'm sure if I attended an art class with a naked chick in front of me for hours I'm sure I would be able to look at her as nothing more than an Object. I'm sure I could look at her as a possession, a figure, a lifeless doll, nothing more than a temporary image in and out of my head to create a work of art that will not be temporary. Yeah, I could do that.

Maybe if I was brainwashed into ignorance, or just plain Gay.

Or an art student.

Is that how art students portray people?

I was mainly kidding.
But yes, it wouldn't surprise me if some people pictured the model as some kind of doll or object they're merely supposed to draw.

I've been an art student and I picture them as meat, to put it simply. And if the meat makes a beautiful body the woo-hoo, I get to draw something nice. But I've never seen it as something sexual since the model hasn't done any poses that could be described as sexual to me.
You could hand me the hottest guy I've ever seen and I wouldn't feel anything sexual because of this.

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