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People in LD talk about sex a lot. I don't think I've seen a day go by without several threads being created about it.

But I've recently had an experience I can't share with anyone irl, and so I need to share it here.

I was at a local cafe/diner the other morning (last week), waiting for my friends to arrive so we could go out for the day. I kept waiting but it seemed they were all running late. I sat, ordered some food, some coffee, watched the people around me, and eventually gave up waiting and went to leave.

This is when I was stopped by an old man, sitting at a table near the door. He didn't really stop me, just asked me a question. " What's your pleasure miss? " . Jokingly I turned around and said some company, and he made a comment about how sad it was for a pretty girl like me to be alone. So he offered to let me sit and talk with him, and why the ******** not? So I sat down.

The man himself was a good looking man for the age he claimed. Said he was 70, looked around 45-50. We talked for a long time and he would talk about his family and how times have changed, old folk s**t. I asked him what his pleasure was and he reaches into his coat pocket. He pulls out an ornate looking puzzle box, smiles with this very benevolent warmth, and says " Puzzles, miss. Solving puzzles opens doors to all sorts of new ideas. " .

He let me look at it, touch and hold it, and I was afraid I was going to break it. It looked and felt antique. After a bit more talking I handed it back, thanked him, and said I had to go. He pushed the box back into my hand and told me to keep it as a keepsake. I offered to pay him for it, he told me I already had. On my way out he told me " Remember, once you open a door you can't always close it. " . I thought he was just being a cryptic geezer.

The puzzle box sat on the desk next to my bed for a good few days. I would hold it about and look at it from time to time, but not much else. I shook it, but no sounds of anything inside.

Then I decided to try and solve it. It took me about 45 minutes but I finally heard a "click" and the top of it opened up. I dumped the contents onto my bed, which ended up being a peace of paper and some candies. The paper had an address on it.

"Cute", I thought. I set the stuff up and went to bed. The next day it bugged the hell out of me till I finally went to the address just to look. Ate some of the candies along the way. The closer I got the more excited I became, my heart literally pounding.

However the end result was kind of disappointing. The address appeared to be an abandoned house with nothing in it. Frustrated I ran up to the door, my entire body was burning by now, and I knocked. A few moments went by and I knocked again. This time the door opened. I walked in, and everything went black.

There was a cloth bag over my head, and a man was holding my arms behind my back with one massive hand. He led me into the house, but didn't painfully restrain me.

After this I can't really say much, part because I'm not all sure myself, and part because it isn't allowed on this site. What I can say is that there were tons of them. I was gone apparently 18 hours, before I remember seeing the front of my house all of a sudden. The whole experience before hand was a blur of cuts, hooks, burns, sex, and god knows what else. It all just blurred together.

My family of course was terrified for me, but I was ok. I took a shower, ate, drank, and slept. They think I was raped, but I never said no, I went looking for it. What's more is that I'm starting to miss it. The things I said, and did, I never thought I was capable of it. The old man was right about one thing, once you experience or learn something it doesn't just go away.

I went back to the house but it was empty. The old man no longer frequents the cafe. I ate all the candies in the puzzle but they don't have the effect they once did. Making me think they were a placebo.

All I have left is some scars, this puzzle, and my hunger for more.


The single most erotic thing you have ever personally experienced. If this doesn't apply, the thing you most want to experience.
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I read some lesbian erotica when I was younger. Twas nice.
I've also watched Hellraiser.
I stopped reading at "quality one-on-one time with a 70 year old man"

Ugh. ******** that s**t talk2hand

Old people can be cool as ********. talk2hand
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I stopped reading at "quality one-on-one time with a 70 year old man"

Ugh. ******** that s**t talk2hand

Old people can be cool as ********. talk2hand

Nope. Honey, if disgusting old ******** do it for ya', request to be me in your next life, 'eh? I seem to attract 'em like flies, & there is *nothing* good about horny old creepers, at least not to me.

I never said I thought the old man was hot. I said he looked good for his age. I just talked with him out of boredom.
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Errr, all the really erotic things I've participated in were all incredibly romantic, far from what I usually think I want, which is light restraints, biting, roughness.

That all just sounds frightening to me. Also, the elderly do not appeal to me.
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A poor man drew me naked upon a couch, while I wore the heart of the ocean.
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took gf to one of those japanese restaurants where they cook the food in front of you and she ate a ton

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I'm almost disappointed the old man didn't say when you arrived at the house, "We have such sights to show you."
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I've had sex... that was about it.

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