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I am a military

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He is waiting, just sometimes he gets a little frustrated and forgets why I'm waiting in the first place.

Hi! biggrin

Sachi, I am so sorry...
I made $40 yesterday! biggrin My friend and I helped her mom out at work for four hours, and she pays $10 an hour. biggrin
Where is everyone? O.o
busy, busy people.

Hawkeye chewed through two computer chargers so haven't had
much access to the computer since it's, you know, been dead. lol.
He's darn lucky he's cute... Gets all these toys and goes through
them like they're nothing (with Mack's help, of course) all but one
toy... he absolutely adores this stupid squeaky stuffed dog. Carries
it around and snoozes with it every now and again. o,0

The husband bought us tickets to spend a week in Hawaii in April. So excited!
Should probably get some sort of tan beforehand though. Am super white.
Practically glow in the dark. redface

How is everyone else?

The trip here was so long!
We spent over 26 hours in vehicles.

Got internet set up in the apartment this past Tuesday buuuut it sucks horribly.
Cuts out and blah.
But yay for Hawaii! My grandparents like to go there every once in a while. They spent R&R there once and have loved it ever since.

That would be really frustrating! It's better than none though.
hey there everyone
hey there everyone

Hiya. smile

Random question. Do you like Within Temptation by any chance?
Howl-O-Scream was awesome! I didn't get as scared as I thought I would be. I jumped a little on the inside when people lunged at me or growled in my ear, but I guess I didn't show it because most of them left me alone or walked away without trying anything more. Most of them won't bother if you make it a point to look at them and make sure you know they're there. It's not as much fun to lunge at people that know you're there. There were a few times though. Like when we walked through really bad fog and I couldn't see anything. I almost had a panic attack. And then one other time that was more funny than scary was I didn't see anyone so I turned my head to talk to my friend, I looked back in front at the right time I guess lol one of the guys was in my face and growled at me. XD My automatic reaction was to raise my arm up in a block, but of course they're not allowed to touch you so it didn't really matter. XD

I did stay out of haunted houses though. Toward the end of the night even if I didn't show it my nerves were a little frayed. Plus, with my mini-freak out in the fog I wasn't sure it was really healthy for me to go in there. I knew what was on the pathway, I had no idea what was in the houses.

All in all it was a really fun night and I can't wait for next year!
I guess everyone is really busy sad
hey y'all

thinking about giving the front page a new make over... what do you guys think?

also, I need any username updates for the old mods. if they are still even active... I neglect this place sad
I can't believe this thread is still going! I know it's not as fast as it used to be, but I adore that you are all sticking together after all this time. I love you!

D'aww, we love you too! emotion_awesome

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I'm back. Ugh. I'm exhausted from life. crying

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