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It looks stupid.
And it is.
It's definitely not fair to other girls.

imagine how much she paid to look like that.

i think that it looks stupid too, they dont even look like real girls
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emotion_jawdrop to the second pic. Her legs are as long as my entire body.

I wish the big eyed doll look would have been more appreciated when I was in high school. Maybe people would have thought I was less strange.
I think Valeria is gorgeous. I don't see why people get so freaked out when people go and have radical plastic surgery. If it makes her happy, then let her be.

Although Venus Palermo creeps me out... neutral

This guy wanted to look like Superman.
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Wheezing Sophomore

All I see is sex toys for lonely grown men he can afford them.

I own several.
My favorite one is named Tabitha the Unwashed.
Whatever tickles their peaches.

And Dakota is totally gorgeous.
that looks so unnatural O-O
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The first girl is creepy, the second girl is creepy and funny. I saw her blog a couple of years ago and shes so monotone and standoffish.
If there is anything that bothers me more, it is disproportional bodies...
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I hardly see how a few rich girls who got really lucky with plastic surgery constitutes a "trend". If that's what she wants to look like, then so what?
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It's only cute when Asians do it.
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Liberal Lunatic

Never heard of it. But it looks pretty unhealthy and kinda... painful.
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Dapper Dabbler

"Dakota Rose just does her make-up to look like a doll and dresses in Lolita sometimes, she hasn't gone through any body modification whatsoever. I think she's pretty~
That other woman that genuinely looks like a my size Barbie (but thinner) scares the s**t out of me."
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Just a question but do they also just lie there and take it like a plastic ******** doll too?

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