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If I was her? I wouldn't.

If I was me? I wouldn't.
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Nami Juice
Bubble Shark
Sure would.

But this commercial made me uncomfortable xd I think maybe that was the point?

Yeah, I'm starting to think maybe the whole point of the commercial was to get people to talk about how disgusting it was. Which is what we're doing xd
So they did a good job then.

It didn't really make me uncomfortable because he was unattractive, but because of the close-up and noises and just the general too much visual of it xd I've watched porn that's made me less uncomfortable than that.
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This girl in my Etymology class said to me that two beautiful people tend to make an ugly baby, and two ugly people make a beautiful baby neutral

That's what you call a delusional person who lives in the land of equality where everything is equal.

Sounds like communism
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It's money. Yes.
hell yes, i've done it before. money is all green to me 💋

on the flip side as they say "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" you can be ugly as ******** but someone's going to see as attractive; mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, doesn't always have to be physically.

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