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Do you want kids or no kids?

Kids 0.41968911917098 42.0% [ 81 ]
No Kids 0.58031088082902 58.0% [ 112 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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Aekea Explorer

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None for me. I am not the motherly type. Actually I really don't like children. Granted some are cute, and well behaved but honestly I just can't stand them, plus pregnancy in itself creeps me out...
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I'm only 18 but I really do want kids.
I love the whole family kinda thing and I love babies, even though I know they'll grow up.

I am determined no matter what to make my children live in a stable home and I'll try really hard (financially) to make them comfortable. I love children. 4laugh
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Feline Cat

I don't want kids, my boyfriend wants kids. So maybe kids. There should be a maybe kids option in the poll.
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Tipsy Browser

I really want to have kids. Family is really important to me and I hope I will have a large and loving one.
On the other hand, I'm bisexual, and if I end up with a woman it will be more difficult. I don't know, it depends on the circumstances.
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I've always wanted to have kids, and now I have a four month old son smile

I can see the other side though; children are a huge financial burden, and you're much more likely to be wealthy if you choose to be child free or wait until your thirties+.
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Honestly, I could not care less either way. I'll let it be up to my wife.
I want at least two one day.

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