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Do you want kids or no kids?

Kids 0.41968911917098 42.0% [ 81 ]
No Kids 0.58031088082902 58.0% [ 112 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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I want kids some day but not right now, it would be so hard to take of it because I'm still in school and don't have a job.
My fiance is twenty-seven and I'm twenty-two, we are different pages about when we wants kids but sometime about me being thirty because he came make sperm through his lifetime. xd
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I freaking hate kids. ...As a bonus, I'm gay, so at least I'll never have to worry about having them accidentally. I suppose if I get clucky in ten years or so, we can adopt. ...An older kid. D< Small children can stay the ******** away.
No kids. smile
i definatly am gonna have kids 3nodding

if i dont get kids, im a failure at life crying

I hope on adopting a daughter one day, that's it.
I do not want kids, ever.

I think it's awesome you want to spend your time with animals instead! smile
2 sets of identical twins of different genders. Now thats what i want but the thought of being pregnant and breast feeding just makes me want to puke.
Right now at 20 I feel like I probably never want kids, but I have no idea how I'll feel later on in life. Right now I just don't like the thought of taking care of a baby. I have more fun things to do.
No kids. In fact, I'm getting my tubes tied Friday.
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No kids. In fact, I'm getting my tubes tied Friday.

You go girl ! heart
I look forward to being a mother actually, but no more than one.
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I don't want children, my boyfriend does want children. So eventually one of us has to compromise and that person will most likely be me.
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My girlfriend and I don't want kids :p
We would much rather have puppies 3nodding
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Do not want.
i'm actually surprised by the poll results!

i want kids someday. maybe by the time i'm 30. however, i don't want to be a stay at home mom, ever. if my boyfriend/husband/whatever wants children, he will absolutely be doing half the work and we're definitely having that conversation before we lose the birth control.

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