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Do you want kids or no kids?

Kids 0.41968911917098 42.0% [ 81 ]
No Kids 0.58031088082902 58.0% [ 112 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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How many of you either have, or intend to have in the future, kids? I myself have decided not to have any kids. I don't want the financial or really lifetime commitment. I like my freedom. I'm also an enormous animal lover, so I'd rather devote my life to helping out in animal shelters or raising pets of my own rather than kids. Just my opinion. biggrin I'm curious as to what you guys think - kids or no kids? Do you have kids, or not have kids? Are you planning to have them or not? Discuss and tell me your opinions ! heart
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Romantic Lover

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No kids right now, but later on would like.
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King Cutie-Pie

            At this point in my life, I don't want kids. And at the moment, I feel like I'll never want kids.
            I'm not going to rule out that my feelings might change when I'm closer to my 30's though.
I used to be all about having kids. I always wanted 2-3. But, now I'm at a stage where I don't even know if I want kids anymore.
Not kids, kid. I want one son.
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Floppy Miko

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I never want any kids. I'm not very fit to take care of another person, especially a younger one. ._.
Plus, it's not like I can have any kids anyway.

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in the future i would love kids, boy girl boy if possible
No kids, ever. My fiance agrees, smart guy.
Dogs. Cuter, better behaved, cheaper, all-around better companions.
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Kawaii Shoujo

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I don't plan on having kids. I'm not assertive enough to have them and the thought of having sex scares and disgusts me (even though I'm 22). Plus, I'm asexual.
I never ever want to have kids. I don't have the patience and I'm literally scared of giving birth. gonk
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Nothing's definitive. I don't want kids any time soon, but I'll probably desire them in the future :')

Right now, as some people have said, the idea of child birth and raising the child freaks me out.
No kids.

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Pale Maiden April
No kids.


^^^^^^ heart this.

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