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My favorite 'extra' baby item was....

Bumbo 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 6 ]
Car bottle warmer 0.014492753623188 1.4% [ 1 ]
Wipes warmer 0.028985507246377 2.9% [ 2 ]
Boppy/nursing pillow 0.18840579710145 18.8% [ 13 ]
Bottle steamer/disinfecter 0.028985507246377 2.9% [ 2 ]
Bassinet 0.072463768115942 7.2% [ 5 ]
Diaper caddy/changing table 0.014492753623188 1.4% [ 1 ]
Video monitor 0.043478260869565 4.3% [ 3 ]
Other (please share!) 0.14492753623188 14.5% [ 10 ]
...gold.... 0.3768115942029 37.7% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 69 ]
This poll closed on July 9, 2013.
No longer accepting new votes.
@ Rach: Hahaha speaking of ADHD kids - Aden's dad's "not-girlfriend's" 11-year old has it, apparently. Aden told me one day that he's not allowed to eat ketchup or raspberries because of his "DAD" (as Aden had put it). I asked Aden's dad what that meant, and he said that apparently kids with ADHD/ADD shouldn't eat food with red dye in it. I was like "uh... ketchup and raspberries are naturally red....."
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Knitsy: OMG. XD! Like, what?

Some parents. Raspberries?! Clearly they are a fruit! I can understand if you're weary of katchup ( since it's packaged...) but fruit?! XD
@ Rach: I KNOW RIGHT?! Just an example of how dense they are as parents! razz
Today is Lily's first birthday!

Poor dear did NOT have a good first birthday. Got a snotty nose last night so she slept restlessly and couldn't nurse well... then I had to take her for some blood tests (they'd been pushed off too long as it was so I had to do it today). She didn't even WHIMPER! I think I was more teary than she was. Then she cried because she didn't want the bandage on haha.

We made it one year breastfeeding! I'm so Fricken proud of myself. It was a hard hard journey and still sucks a lot but she loves it so much I can't imagine telling her no yet. She still seems like such a little baby. So we're going to keep going but I'm definitely not going to be so paranoid about supply like before.

Then she got stung by a wasp... while in the living room! I'm so mad. I got him though and smashed the crap outta him, MFer, teach you to hurt MY baby!

Now for a bunch of pictures

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

She already had two birthday parties so tonight we're just going to go out to eat as a family and I MAY take her to build a bear, depending on what they have.

going to back read later! I'm famished.
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Happy birthday Lily!

She's too adorable emotion_kirakira
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Happy birthday Lily! Such a beautiful and brave girl.

Love the pictures.

Btw, I see you Wii mote. I SEE YOU.
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Happy birthday Lily!
I'm sure if she could, Lily would thank you for the birthday wishes haha.

Digi: Lol you do. We use the Wii to watch Netflix since we don't have cable.

OMG, I cracked up at the message! Thank you. Good thing the circus wasn't in town this year or I may have been tempted. lol
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@Steph: So, does the Wii still support Netflix? My friend tried to watch hers a few months ago and it said it was no longer supported. sad

I love watching Netflix on my wii, but since we re-did the room we haven't hooked it back up yet. The x-box isn't horrible, but I still love my wii.

And you're welcome. smile You only had two things on your wish list and I couldn't remember the last time I used mine, so I hope you have use for it.

@Random: William got in James' lap today and whined and James asked him what was the matter and William pointed at his diaper. It was poopy and full. This is a good sign.
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@Sammii: Isabella is still working on the one and I haven't seen any signs of another. She's a pretty happy teether so far.

What foods are you gonna start her on first? Do you have to start with rice cereal? I have no idea where to begin with solids for Isabella. gonk

@Digi: No problem! I really hope things work out for the two of you. Feel free to PM me if you need to vent. 3nodding

@Stephanie: Happy Birthday Lily! She is too presh. emotion_kirakira

Isabella got her new stationary play area set up today! She's not really sure what to think of it yet. xd
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Happy Birthday Lily!
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Steph: Lilly is so cute, I hope she had a great birthday!

On a different note: For the last three days I have just had the worst eye problems, at first it was just hayfever, then it turns out I had hair in my eye and I had it in there for two days before finding it today and pulling out and my eye is so much better. It's still a bit swollen and red but it has gone down a lot and it's not ridiculously itchy and sore anymore.
I'd already booked an appointment with the doctor before I'd found the hair so I decided to go anyway and he just said to swab it with salt water every couple of hours.
Stupid me forgot to buy cotton swabs while I was out today.

Adam suggested tea bags though, here's hoping it helps.

Also, while I was out today I got the stink eye from a few people havimg their coffees in the coffee shop right next to the designated play area for the kids because Aaliyah was running around in the play area like a loon while letting out happy yells and people were just not happy with it.
That kind of attitude really gets to me, there are plenty of nice little coffee shops around the place and if you choose the one right next to the play area you kinda have to expect toddlers and babies having a play in there will get rowdy.
If it was actually in the coffee shop that she was like it I would understand, but she wasn't.
The girls running the place were lovely though, I stopped off to grab a hot chocolate on the way out and they stopped me to tell me how cute Aaliyah is and they gave her a couple of marshmallows.

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