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My favorite 'extra' baby item was....

Bumbo 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 6 ]
Car bottle warmer 0.014492753623188 1.4% [ 1 ]
Wipes warmer 0.028985507246377 2.9% [ 2 ]
Boppy/nursing pillow 0.18840579710145 18.8% [ 13 ]
Bottle steamer/disinfecter 0.028985507246377 2.9% [ 2 ]
Bassinet 0.072463768115942 7.2% [ 5 ]
Diaper caddy/changing table 0.014492753623188 1.4% [ 1 ]
Video monitor 0.043478260869565 4.3% [ 3 ]
Other (please share!) 0.14492753623188 14.5% [ 10 ]
...gold.... 0.3768115942029 37.7% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 69 ]
This poll closed on July 9, 2013.
No longer accepting new votes.
Cleaning: I started on the massive amount of laundry we have, put Lily's and I's away so far... cleaning up the clothes that are too small, separating stuff for her this summer... I need to go through my clothes better at some point too. It looks like I have a lot but so much of it I just WON'T wear so there's really no point in it hanging in my closet. Took a bath and kinda feel like a human now though haha. Eating some soup and about to hit it again.

There's really no excuse for this though. Brandon's home all the time now that I'm working and he's SAHD... so much of this hasn't been done in 3 weeks since I started working, or only recently had been done because I did it before work. He cleaned the counters in the kitchen then went to play Magic The Gathering. So so irked.

Digi: *Hugs*

Sora: Been there, done that. It sucks. I've decided to just stop putting SO MUCH effort into parties so there's less waste when people bail... it sucks but I'm the same way... go to EVERYTHING I can but people ditch us for stupid reasons or none at all. So for now on parties will be low key and if they show great, if not, eff'em.
@ Boesen: I have Thor and Star Wars both on my Comixology app, but haven't read them yet. Soooooo many boooooooks
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@ Boesen: Ooooooooh comics! What'd you get?

The new Lady Thor, {I really like that one} and the new Star Wars. February has a lot of new ones coming out as well that I want to pick up. 2 new Star wars and Spider Gwen.
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Fingers crossed for you knitsy!

Got our taxes back.... thank god. Maybe this will help pull Kyle out of his bad attitude
@ Iggy: We'll see! My body's kind of JUST realizing it's off the pill, so my cycle's been all out of whack.
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@Knitsy: WHOOHOO!
Period is MIA eek
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Hey everyone. Long time no see.

Don't know if you remember me, but just got back from my Hiatus.

So any of you ladies have ideas on how to deal with disappointing birthday parties. I've been planning this party for ages, he turns two tomorrow, and the party is at my Dads. About 30 people were planning to be there. Mostly my friends, seeing as he really doesn't have any. Well, in the last 3 days I've found out that the family I invited (minus my dads family/my step family) decided to make other plans (Ones child has a basket ball game, one has work which I understand) and his god parents ended up messing something up with the schedule. And one of my best friends 'found out her brother needed a baby sitter so I can't go.'

So now, the 30 people I'd planned for, bought cake for...ect are not coming, and I think total minus my dads family that thirty has gone down to maybe 7 people.

It isn't about the gifts...really I don't care and Joe has SO much crap...But it's more about my wanting to be with family and friends, make up for the fact that his father is an a*****e deadbeat who landed himself with a revoked parole. (Not like it matters, joey doesn't know different.)

I'm just...so disappointed, mostly because I take off, I go everywhere for these peoples kids. I make sure almost everything we are invited to I go to, and it's just difficult. I'm going to try and get over it...but it's just difficult.
This is Digi, mule account.

I'm struggling with the decision to end things with James. I deserve better, but I'm stuck in that cycle that I love him; and I desperately don't want to do a shared custody like I'm going to have to do. (He's their father and a good one, and no matter what he's done to me, it was done to me.)

If anyone feels like listening, just send this account a pm. I haven't slept all night and I might pass out soon. I just keep hoping if I tell enough people that I'm going to do it, I'll stick to it.
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Ugh, sorry everyone has been sick, that stinks.
Our house is messy here too, but I don't have a good excuse :-:
But we're setting cleaning goals!
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I swept the kitchen floor. I'm just so depressed and I'm constantly stopping to fill one need or another. James hasn't been so bad, but he's had to do major car repairs lately. It's also the reason why we're so strapped for cash because both vehicles needed repairs.

We're down to one car because his starter went out. He bought a new one today just hasn't had a chance to put it in.

I'm just SO frazzled right now. I hate the toddler stage. I miss the baby stage. It was easier to deal with. William doesn't listen, doesn't know how to communicate all his wants, gets into a lot more things because of his height, I'm always getting things wiped on me. Itty just wants to be held and my arms are just noodles it feels like. Then I look around the mess of the house and I just want to cry.

I cleaned out our closets to put our storage stuff at my dad's. Then my uncle came and cleaned out my mom's extra car and of course everything went into the trunk of MY car (Thanks a ******** lot husband) and now I have no room for the boxes I have in the living room taking up space.

I just want to throw it all out or give it all away. I'm sick of STUFF. I'm hungry and I have money but no ride to the store because James went out with co-workers for a little bit, then as usual got too drunk to come home. It's not SO bad because I don't have to be up in the morning. I'm just so spent and I just want to cry because I feel useless to both kids. Will goes from wanting to be held to wanting a drink.

As for the drinking, he's started to purposefully spill things. It's driving me nuts because he throws fits with just water, but I'm not putting things in the cup that will be hard to clean up anymore. I've gotten rid of the straw sippies because he's been carrying them around with his teeth. He doesn't know how to drink out of the regular sippies.

Have I mentioned I hate the toddler stage? At least William's stage. I miss him pre-2. sad
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Torch-them please
Sooo, I wore my Hawaii jumper to bed, so I obviously didn't wear a bra underneath it because no one in the house is gonna care...
But yeah, Aaliyah was sitting in my lap pointing to all the letters on it asking me what they were and when we got to the II she grabbed my boob and started jiggling it while saying "Wobble wobble."

I can't even with this kid r/n.

Reminds me of when LM said "You're not as squishy to sits on anymore" after I lost weight.
I wanted to be offended, but not at the same time, like, I just didn't even know the proper response.
I blitzed through as much as I could while Belanna slept and Emmett drew after lunch. Got the kids' washing out, kitchen swept, toys pulled out from under the TV and lounges (it had gotten so full under there that you couldn't get more toys under if you tried). Got most of the blocks put away and a few other toys away. But then Belanna woke up and everything I did got undone behind me, so I stopped trying. My wrist is killing me from over use, and I think I've made things worse for my state of mind because now that I've started, my OCD is driving me to finish and everything out of place is adding to the anxiety load.

Worst of all, Michael is going out with work collegues this arvo after work, so won't be home when he usually would. I was hoping to get him to take the kids while I tried to clean/sort everything.
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Have you made an account on Photobucket to upload and host pictures? They even give you a link or coding for you to share for Gaia or any other website.
I'm sorry you're having difficulty getting the birth certificate.

Didn't think of that. It just be easier if they were a bit more flexible, but god forbid if you walk in asking about your childs birth certificate. Her father and I were both born at the same hospital, so it it's a lot easier getting all the things like that there, but our marriage certificate is up here, but yet again god forbid if you ask any day but that one day.
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Aurora: he forgets, or is convinced he isn't yelling or being mean rolleyes

Idk what the hell it is with him... our slight money issues at the moment (cause of holidays and car problems ) , the fact we're gonna have another baby soon, his pregnancy weight gain, the winter, all of it maybe, he's just had such a freaking attitude lately it's driving me crazy.

Whenever I try to say anything it's "no I don't" or "I'm fine" or I just get ignored.

I just want to yell at him and show him how he's acting but I know that won't help

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