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Okay. That idea is actually adorable.
If she's as much of a Poke-nerd as I am, she'll love it.
How are you going to go about making it into a necklace? Just curious. c:

Well, I was thinking of drilling two small holes. One in the top left and one in the top right since there is a gap in-between the actual cartridge and the plastic that holds it. Then from there I would just go to Michaels and buy some types of materials and just go from there.

If you are able to do it and still be able to play the game, that'd be really cool. If you are able to play the game, go in and make a character and make a team, using their names as a way to send her some kind of cute sentiment. If she's into pokemon, that'd be the cutest, sweetest gift ever. Good on you for thinking of it.
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            It's a pretty cute idea.
            I would like it, but I wouldn't wear it, personally. I think the cartridge would be too chunky of a piece for my taste. But some people can pull that kind of thing off.
            I wonder if she'll get the birthstone reference? I mean, if you gave it to her as a birthday present, I think she'd get it right away, but as a Christmas present, I have a feeling that the subtle relation between the two might get a little lost. But that's just me.

            ...Why isn't there a Pokemon Aquamarine yet? emotion_8c
Sweet idea,
you should definitely give it a shot.
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What are you, 12? Nobody's going to wear a gameboy cartridge with some string duct taped to it as a necklace.

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how about just getting her a pokeball necklace or something question

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