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I don't see the big deal. They're both adults, why should age have anything to do with whether they should be able to date or not? Maturity can play a big role when there's that much of an age gap, but that is more dependent on the individual and can vary with each couple.

Limiting who a person can love because of age seems really stupid to me.
My bf is 21 and Im 24 aint no thang
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yes, it's fine to me. But you shouldn't be in love with a married person, or try to pursue love with them
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Of course it's okay, jesus christ
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I dont see why people think that other people should adhere to their opinion on whats acceptable or not.
Im not into older women but that doesnt mean I can, or would try, to condemn someone else who was.
So yeah, in case you havent guessed already I think its fine to date whatever ages you want.

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As long as they are both over the age of consent then its A okay by me.
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I don't see anything really wrong with it so long as both parties want the same things and there is no coercion involved.

My "not my girlfriend" girlfriend has expressed a little discomfort with our very slight age gap (24 and 30) but I think she's realising how little it matters. She's just always dated older men and women before so being the 'old' one is new for her.

The only time it bothers me is when an older friend or lover says "when I was your age". No matter what follows it sounds patronising.
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Well age is just a number and that's not really much of an age difference
There have been some drastic age differences in relationships but that's for another topic
What I see from this though is that she should take into consideration of the older woman's life as in her children and lover
It would be a family wrecker if an affair happened
I always was attracted to and dated older woman.
I've had sex with many woman older than my mother.
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    Why would it not be OK? They are both grown adults.

    -___- People find the smallest things to complain about.
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I don't see a problem with dating people older than you, as long as you're above the legal age of consent. Like, I personally have always been attracted to older guys.

However, seeing as the one woman is married, that isn't right. sweatdrop
I really don't see a problem. If two people want to go out then that's their business, as long as it's legal, age doesn't matter, however I do think it's wrong if the women is married to someone else.
My mom and biological dad were 21 years apart. When I was born she was 25 and he was 46.
The reason she went for an older man is because she thought he would be more mature than the boys she was with in the years before. Unfortunately, this was not this case and he did not own up to impregnating her, so there you have it.
If people love each other I don't see why sex or age should keep them apart.
However, with this case the older woman is married and most likely does not share the same feelings as the younger one.
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Why yes sir it is perfectly fine.
I'm in my 20's. My fiance is in his 30's. I don't see any problem with the lady in the forum except for the elder woman already being married... But hey, some husbands don't mind.

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