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If both are legally adults, who cares?
If the guy is 20 and the woman is 40 pftt, it really doesn't matter.
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... so 36 is old? gonk

That was my thought. I know 36 year olds who are way more 'get up and go' than I am.
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I can't imagine anyone actually being against this.
If they're both consenting adults, who even cares?
Who the ******** necro this?
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There's no law against it. If someone wants to be with someone, that's there choice. Age shouldn't matter. But that older woman was married, so I don't think she should do anything.
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After a certain point age doesn't mean anything. I have a giant crush on a man who is 13 years my senior. I'm in my 20's.
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I thought old topics couldn't be necro'd? DARK...MAGIC.

Sometimes it depends more on the person's maturity level than their actual age. Someone I know said she three of the men she dated were quite a bit younger than her and she was always waiting for them to catch up. It caused problems and she had to break off the relationship. Otherwise they might have still been together.
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I have a definite preference for women who are near that menopausal age. Though, I have the capacity to love young women too.
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If they're both legal, go for it.
I don't find it gross, however I do have some negative feelings towards the idea of a 20 year old dating a 35+ year old.

I'm a 21 year old male, and I personally couldn't imagine why a woman in her 30's or even possibly in her late twenties who is out of school and has a career would want to date someone as young as me.

Someone in their early twenties is in a completely different part of their life than a 30 year old is. I'm also not even mentioning the maturity part either. Also yes I know some people are going to say "Age =/= maturity" but I think that's a bullshit concept. Sure there are some immature 30 year olds, and some very mature people that are young. However generally speaking the older you get, the more mature and wise people are going to be. People who are older simply have more life experience, and it's for this reason why I don't understand a 30 year old would want to make a serious relationship with someone as young and naive as someone in their early twenties.

My opinion is that you're still naive and I still consider you similar to a child even when you're in your early twenties. Just because you're legally an adult, that doesn't mean you really act and are as responsible as an adult.

That's my take on it. So in a nutshell, no I don't find it weird in a creepy sense. A twenty year old is physically mature and can be attractive to older people, but mentally speaking is a different story.
I don't see anything wrong with it. Sure, it's unusual, but the worst thing that can happen between two "normal" human beings is that they don't get along that well in the end because of the age difference.

Also, you can't help who you get interested in. It might very well be someone who's married.

I don't really care that much about homosexuality. It just exists.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I hate posting pics of myself on here because I'm old as dirt and not nearly as cute as everyone else on gaia but I thought it would help explain. I'm 33 years old and I get hit on a lot by younger people, I guess because I look younger than my age and I act younger than my age. I love horror movies, zombies, gaming, comic books, you name it. All the stuff I grew up to love, I still love. So I can see why some of the younger generation would seek out relationships with those older than them if there were qualities or similarities that they shared.

Of course that being said, I don't think it's something I could do but for moral reasons. I generally prefer older guys but I've been known to like younger ones if it's 5-7 years or so. I really don't think I could handle someone 20 years old. I'd just feel like they were a baby to me, because that's younger than my baby brother. So I guess it's one of those things that really depends on the person.

But as far as dating someone older, sometimes they don't look or act old? I guess I'm a bit on the defensive there because I don't want to be considered old, hahaha. I will die with a game controller in my hand, this is a must.

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