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nothing wrong with it if they're legal age.

i'm a younger woman dating an older man, about the same age difference as you mentioned in your first post. i see much more guys dating younger women than vise versa. men don't seem to prefer older women as a majority, while women seem to prefer older guys. that's probably why you don't see it as often.

i've never dated a younger guy and never would even if i was single. they have nothing to offer imo. as far as women go it's basically based on vanity i would assume. the older a woman gets the more wrinkles she gets, the more weathered she gets, the more baggage she probably has. that's why older women aren't more desired. older men however are more financially secure, settled, and have gotten all of that man whore stuff out of their systems. blaugh

Jisu sama
My mother is engaged to my husband's best friend and they've been living together for almost 2 years. She turned 41 a few days ago and he's 27/28ish.

Sometimes she vents to me about their difficulties, but in general, they seem happy. The only thing that's really bothering her is that he's more than a little overweight and has a few health problems. She's worried that he'll die before her, which I can see happening.

Now sorry I'm going to use your mom as an example.

Now here in his post a woman who is older is dating a young man.
Does anyone feel that it could be a thing about different genders?
Is it wrong for a old man to date a young pretty girl over a old woman dating a young boy?
Or a young male dating a old male? ect?

Older guy/younger girl is the most common, but again, there isn't anything wrong, as long as they're both of age.
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Both of them are adults who know what the hell they're doing. There's nothing wrong with that.
There's nothing "ew" about it, as long as we're not talking about a teenager dating a person in his/her 40's

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If it's legal and their relationship is safe and loving, who am I to judge?
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It's legal, so whatever. Grown people can do whatever the hell they want.

I work with two people that are dating each other, the guy is 19, the girl is like 31? It was so crazy, at first it was all everyone talked about, and then people just sort of didn't care anymore. That's pretty much how it usually goes. And I think it's awesome that they're dating.

And his mom is like 37 or 38, so it's totally crazy. xd
i won't be dating a 30 year old anytime soon.

actually, i take that back.
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I would.

My current boyfriend is six years my senior, with the age gap being myself at 18 years and him at 24 years old.

We get along surprisingly well.

Love should not have an age barrier; a person should not skip a great opportunity and experience with someone because they feel they are a little older than they would like.

That said, you should never feel squeamish about a person you are dating, and if age makes the difference to you, then do not date someone you are uncomfortable around.User Image
I think it's alright. I mean, they're in love!(:
Did they record it?
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As long as all are of age, then who cares.

I almost dated a woman who was 19 yrs older than me at one point, but things were a bit awkward considering I am good friends with her daughter xd
Eh, to me, age is but a number. As long as both are legally adults and both consenting, (and not hurting anyone) I don't care what people do.

Personally, I really have a thing for younger guys. Partly because I really don't act my age. I used to be interested in a guy 13 years older than me, but he was way too serious for me and used to act perplexed when I was being silly. Then again, some younger guys are serious too... hmm.

But my ex was younger than me, and I liked it, so... I'm going to be a hot cougar forever. emotion_awesome

/shrug - love is love, to me.
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So long as it is legal and there is no emotional, financial or physical manipulation or abuse going on, I see no reason why not. Age-gap relationships both homosexual and heterosexual in nature have just as much chance as non-age-gap relationships of failing or succeeding as they are still based off the same pillars of trust, communication, sexual compatibility and common interests.
I don't thijkbafe matters.
I don't view 30 something as old either.
As long as they both are legal there's no problem. It could be a 20 and 80 year old and there would be nothing wrong. People may talk, in those instances, but there's nothing wrong with it.
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... so 36 is old? gonk

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