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I would participate in it, I'm white and my past two serious relationships have been with an asian and a native american. Iuno, guys with tan skin and dark hair just appeal to me. heart
I just might actually make the thread then. ^^
I don't have a problem with it, I think it's great. I would support the thread if you created it. (: I don't really understand why it's so appalling to people, either. Where I come from, a lot of people do, including my parents, which kind of ticks me off. Discrimination is just not okay.
I'm half black half white too...I take racist insults for either side, and for interracials like myself and others. It pisses me off when I see someone discriminating a couple because they choose to date out of their own races, not to mention when they discriminate the children as well.
Color/background doesn't matter. It only matters if you really love the person and are attracted to them. heart
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I never really understood why people disapproved of interracial relationships.
I'm in one. He and I get strange looks, since he's white. Blue/gray eyes, tall, red-brown hair, freckles. I'm short, dark brown eyes, brown/black hair. Obvious in my picture. xp
Where I live, people don't think it's right.

My mom's totally fine with me and him. My dad is not at all. He thinks I should be dating a Puerto Rican guy, because I'm Puerto Rican. Tom treats me right, but my dad thinks that all white guys are the same. =/
His family is completely fine with it, they think it's awesome. I just wish I could convince my dad the same.

Oh, I would participate in the thread.
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Technically, I would have to be biracial since my father's side of the family is Native American (in a tribe and everything, not just I gotz some injun up n meh way far back) and my mother's side is white. I dont have any problems what so ever and I married a white guy and our kids are doing just fine too.
I personally have not dated outside of my two races as I have not been attracted to any one else near me who was of a different race. I do think Asians are gorgeous, but I am in Louisiana and in my little area of the swamp, there are not many Asians. The only member of my family who would have had a problem with me dating a Asian would be my great grandfather on my father's side. He fought in WW2 in Japan and helping with the translations and what not since he was a Native American (even though he is Apache and some Choctaw and no Navajo) and grouped up with some of the others. He saw a lot of stuff that really freaked him out bad (like a woman who beat her children and babies to death with a rock and then killed herself because they thought the Americans were demons) and I guess he thinks that Asians are the only people who would do something like that.
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...the spαcεs betwεεn my fingεrs...✖


It doesn't seem such a big deal to me. I mean, my mom is Asian and my step-dad is white...so..yea. Also at work, I saw a Chinese lady with an African-American. Also a coworker is white and he's married to an Asian and expecting a baby soon.

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...Arε right whεrε yours fit pεrfεctly...✖
In in one,for the second time. Love is love,I dont see why skin color bugs people so much.
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Why is it when someone dates outside of their race, there are at least a number of people who will find a problem with it? I hate it when I hear someone say, "You should think about the children...they'll never be accepted fully by either race." That really ticks me off, because I am half black and half white and I never really ever had a problem making friends.

BTW...I'm thinking of starting an interracial relationship support thread. Please tell me if you would participate in it.

Interracial relationships are a big deal?

I've never heard anyone say anything negative about interracial relationships in my entire life.
I don't see what the big deal is all about.

I've been in a few. Like many others before me have stated: Love is love. I don't see why race should be a factor at all.

My parents aren't too fond of the idea of me dating someone outside my race because it's a concept that's foreign to them since they weren't raised here in the U.S, so they're unfamiliar to interracial relationships.

As long as the people in question love each other and all that, then there's no problem.
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These days, homosexuality causemore of a stir unless you live ina densly one race populated area.
My owner is white, his wife is chinese and I'm half black/white.

If anyone had a problem with race, only thought that would come to mind, would be something involving 3rd world countries.
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I know how you feel, im Black, my dad doesn't approve of me dating a white guy

And i LOVE WHITE GUYS! you know?! how is that a problem? But w/e hes gonna have to deal with it, and my half white babies

Same here. My mom was native american, puerto rican and white, and my dad is black, but he's like hella prejudice sometimes. He doesn't want me to date a white boy, but hey im doen it and i love it. my baby is hella sexy and i plan to marry him. daddy's goen to have to deal. Idk why people freak about interacial relationships. i mean like wtf totally! God created us all. We just have different colors. So itz like totally not a freaken big deal

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Guilty Pride
Guilty Pride
Guilty Pride
I know how you feel, im Black, my dad doesn't approve of me dating a white guy

And i LOVE WHITE GUYS! you know?! how is that a problem? But w/e hes gonna have to deal with it, and my half white babies

lol I'm currently in love with a white guy myself. He's so adorable!

Ahh, don't you just love white men? Like really, this may be racist, But i prefer a white guy, over a black guy, i find them more attractive, with healthier minds
And, i will date a black guy, If hes Cute, Smart, doesn't dress like he came out of a hip hop music video, speaks proper english ( i hate slang, or Ebonics ), has goals in life, besides get rich or die trying heart

My Baby has to meet the requirements

Yeah, I know what you mean. I got ticked off one time, because a black guy who was dressed like a hip-hop wannabe tried to hit on me one time saying, "How's it going beautiful? Light brown almost white." That really ticked me off. If you're going to give me a compliment, don't call me "almost" anything. I don't care what ethnicity someone is, I find it unattractive when a guy of any race tries to have some sort of hip hop swagger.

Oh my Goodness! you are JUST like ME! im So not into that hip-hop thing, don't get me wrong, its nice on T.V, its okay to listen to the music, but people DRESSING LIKE THAT, its over the top, why can't a guy be, simple? and Yeah Hip Hop swagger, so isnt cool in my book, we must be friends ( No homo )
And, i can't stand slang, or people who CURSE IN EVERY single SENTENCE they say!
I don't have a problem with interracial relationships, but reading y'all's posts is starting to piss me off. sweatdrop

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