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I have a friend that does it. It's odd... but ill never tell her so, cause to each their own.
Not healthy. It's only holding them back from real-life relationships.
Fantasizing is one thing; deluding yourself is another. If you start to convince yourself that you're actually in the imagined relationship, you've officially hopped on board the cuckoo train.
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I don't know if it is unhealthy, but it completely normal. Just don't go around in real life acting like you are said persons girlfriend. That would be unhealthy.
It's called masturbating
Is it unhealthy to imagine that you're still in a relationship with an ex, or even somebody whom you've never dated?

Have you ever done it?

Do you know people who have done it?

Discuss. emotion_kirakira

That falls dangerously close to obsession. I myself have never done that, all my ex girlfriends have always stayed just that- ex girlfriends.

I knew one girl who did that with me. She was a nutcracker already, but that just made it worse. Called me nonstop like we were dating still, kept texting me about marriage and kids...showed up at my work a few times before management threatened to have her arrested. Freaked out months later when she saw me walking in town with another girl. Screamed that I was a filthy cheater...

Freakiest year of my life. My wife refers to her as the Dublin Banshee.
... What? Who does that?

How can you even do that?

Maybe I am too old? I can't imagine having a pet unicorn anymore, so I sure as hell can't be in an imaginary relationship.
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Sounds Pre stalkerish or the eventually crazy a** ex problem.
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I've done it... I'd say it's completely normal, because it's doubtful that there aren't a ton of other people who have done the same thing.
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Fading Fantasma
Sounds Pre stalkerish or the eventually crazy a** ex problem.

Indeed it does xD
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Never. Wait....No never. I couldn't imagine me dating. No wait...Yes I can, I'd be so awkwardly silent then they'd leave eventually. smile Yeah that's how those work out for me.
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Anyone who has ever read any manga/watched any anime/seen any movie and so on has.

Hell, look at the homestuck fandom.

I'm a sagittarius dating a leo. I've shipped that pairing for ******** ever. (but, to be fair, I didn't know his sign until after we started dating. still. crazy coincidence, yeah? )
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i've never done that with an ex, but when I have a huge crush (like I do now) I imagine what it be like for us to be in an relationship. But I don't go as far to actually believe we are in one.

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