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My mom has kind of pushed me to avoid working for awhile, under deep financial stress even. I never listened to her and always tried to find work. I think she doesn't want me to have to worry in life, even if worry is necessary to create a grounded person. It was kind of stressful trying to land a job and having her tell me at every turn that I don't need one (yes I do) and that her & my step dad could take care of me (they can't). I know I will be financially responsible for the family in 10-15 years. If I had listened to her and just stopped giving a ******** we would be in for a hell of a ride later on.

Nobody spoonfed me religion as a lot of people in here seem to have a problem with. I was actually a very devoted and religious child on my own. I begged my family to take me to church and was in the bible clubs in elementary and middle school. Looking back I'm actually a bit surprised they didn't even mention god until I asked them about Christianity. I think Church can be a great support network for people and I probably plan on attending as soon as I get my own car even though I'm not religious now.
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My parents never spoonfed me anything (besides their sarcasm towards each other, not a very happy marriage). I used to believe all drugs were bad because of D.A.R.E. but then I did my own research later on.
My grandma basically forced my parents to raise me and my siblings catholic. Completely backfired on her though because none of us are a christian now (well my parents are but they never cared). My grandma has no idea though and there's a reason for that....
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Santa Claus is dead to me. Right dead.

I am Christian… as in I am a citizen of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. I do my best to follow the will of God. At first, it was spoon-fed to me by my grandmother, and as a youth I used to try to pound it down others' throats but as I grew I began to see the true wisdom behind the words for myself, and eventually I dove in.

I also tried reconciling a merciful God to the modern world, and it didn't work... so I reconciled the world to God through Jesus. He proved His existence through atheists and their denial of Him, His love through the sacrifice of the Christ and through the love of friends and family through a hellish 2002, His mercy through some close calls and a lot of interesting stories, His beauty through patience and careful observance, and His justice by destroying the "Santa Claus God" image that perversely invades our society through careful study of and a hunger for His Word.
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I believed Santa was real until I was 12.
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I was raised Christian but now am Buddhist.

My mom would never allow me to cut my beautiful long hair. Now I have it the shortest I can get.
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My whole family has really been into democracy.... They were kinda pissed when I told them I would be voting republican.
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I never actually had anything told to me that I don't believe in. My parents are open-minded to pretty much everything out there.
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I was never spoon-fed with the idea that homosexuality was wrong, but I believed it to be so.

I was never spoon-fed with the idea of Creationism, but I used to be a Creationist. Something happened to cause me to no longer consider myself a Creationist.

I used to be a Christian, but I am no longer one. I have no affiliation with anything, but sometimes like to think of myself as a Jew, and at other times a Stoic. Only time will tell. No one in person, except my brother, knows of this.
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"Don't talk to strangers"

I love strangers, they're some of the most interesting people.
I was raised a Christian, but I became an Atheist.

I don't believe that I was indoctrinated as much as others, and that's why. When the idea that a God might not exist came about, it all became clear to me really quick that a God was extremely unlikely.
It's funny how this entire thread is just people saying religion.
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"Abortion is wrong" I'm pro-choice. I think I upset my mother with that one. She'll get over it.

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I grew up in a Church of Christ and was always told that women aren't allowed to preach or have any type of role in ministry - they couldn't even lead a song, help with communion, or say a prayer request. A lot of them were also SMO's - Sunday Mornings Only. On Sunday my parents tried to act all holy and the rest of the week it didn't seem like it applied and me and my siblings would listen to the music we liked all week and then on Sunday's, I remember Mom saying, "We don't need to be listening to that music on a Sunday." or something to that effect. Some members had bragged about money they donated and helped foreign countries and never helped out their own congregation , which to me is a fail. A church should also be able to take care of it's members. There was a sick mom that couldn't afford rent and had to move because she was evicted with her two kids and no one even offered to lend her a hand - it was really sad. If someone (such as a guest) says a prayer request the church doesn't like, they won't mention it in the prayer and it's rather rude. They'd excommunicate people for a lot of different things - their main attraction being divorce, which I never thought was right. There are also many other flaws in their belief system and a lot of it is twisting context and believing what they want to believe. There is also a lot of spiritual abuse in that church that can hurt someone mentally and emotionally as well.

Now, I am a Non-denominational Christian (although, non-denominational is sort of a denomination in itself because there are a lot of them out there). I believe a lot differently and am more accepting of others than I used to be considering I was raised not to accept people who were "sinful", but that never made sense because everyone is a sinner. I feel a lot happier when I'm able to be kind to everyone and care about everyone instead of holding feelings of hate for anyone no matter their beliefs or their problems. I used to get mad and start shoving the Bible down people's throats and now a days I feel so bad about that - also another reason I have turned myself around. It's not right to put people in the spotlight and tell them that they are going to Hell or whatever. Sadly, my parents, because of me changing from one aspect of Christianity to another - don't get along with me that well anymore. They also ignore me, press their beliefs on me whenever they do see me and have the chance, and they don't necessarily talk to me anymore when I do still care about them. It's sad that people think, "Oh, you don't believe like me so I hate you." because it truly does nothing good.
User Image I grew up in several churches which endured church splits. They were all about stupid issues which both sides were stubborn about. The first one I honestly don't think I paid any attention to as I was just 12 when we left. I just mostly sat there through the whole thing and wrote my songs as well never returned. Its a good thing since it closed down. It was a Bible church so I'm not sure if that's the same as Baptist. Anyway, after that we went to a First Baptist church for a long while. I like it there and I enjoyed the people there as a lot of them followed over from the one that closed. It felt like home again- only better. I had more friends despite there being less teens around and I felt like a part of the church as opposed to just a kid who came with her parents. The our pastor stepped down and the church broke in half. The church wanted to move to a bigger place where we can have a real parking lot so the old folks won't have to try and cross traffic. The folks didn't like the idea and wanted to keep the same building. The church site literally had no where to put a parking lot. Pastor hated the fighting and decided it was time to retire and made the assistant pastor the new pastor. We ended up leaving with the crowd who left and build our own church- literally. We renovated an old school building and attained a pastor who just went through pastoral training. Its not home though. I went and felt like I just wanted to leave. Your just not supposed to feel that way. Now I don't attend church. I feel happier and I still believe the same way I did. Its weird though. A lot of the people who followed us over from the old church were the same ones that came over from the very first church. The pastor was the previous youth leader of the Bible church.


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I just looked up mice mating on youtube.... Why the ******** did I do that??? emotion_facepalm

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