Wow... I'm so sorry for what you're going through. You know, I went through this a lot too because when I was a kid, I moved a lot. Everytime I finally made a few *really* good friends, my dad would move me again...and then it would take me years to build a base again.

Right now, I have about two good friends and one other that could get that way... but it could all end very quickly. You never know.

Just hang in there. Feel lucky that you have any friends at all, ok? Remember that it could always be worse.

Get a a skill... have something to be proud of....something to pour your heart into. (For instance, painting, drawing, an instrument, etc.) If you have something in this world to live for other than other people, you will be much happier. Also, then when people make fun of you, you can simply say, "You mock my looks, but look at you! Are you even good at anything? Such a failure..." and walk away. mrgreen