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I thought this world would accept LGBT people. im 15, high school, and i feel like i should be a female. idk, i just dont feel right. i want to be accepted by people. i cant go out publicly and express how i feel, so i use gaia as a way to express myself. but ven here, people call me a tran, f*****t, loser, gay, and ugly. iv suffered through depression and sucidal thoughts since i was 8 years old. my dad insults me wen i want to do something i like. my mom will laugh at me if i try to come out as a transexual. is there anyone out there who knows how i feel, can relate to me, and help me?
as long as people are living, there's going to ignorance, you just have to get over it.
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Beat me to it.
Here's the LGBT one too.
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You are going to run into individuals like that all across the globe, regardless of whether or not the nature of the individual is common or accepted in the area. People can be cruel, vain, fickle and narrow-minded because they’re flawed individuals. We’re all flawed and we all judge.

Here on GaiaOnline you will find a support group, there’s a thread made specifically for it even, but you will also find those who will judge you, call you names, and so on. You cannot escape it. However, you can learn to stand above it all and learn to seek that confidence in yourself to pay no mind to the naysayers. Your own individuality should mean more to you than the words of petty individuals that know nothing of you.
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"Oh my god, some bigoted teenagers are being bigoted teenagers!
The horror!

There are still racists, right?
It's never going to change. People will always dislike people for being different.
It's your job to grow from it and keep your chin up.

Confidence, kid. Get some."
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Once you go Roman
No one likes a f*****t, son.
No one likes a homophobic no-life, son
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Once you go Roman
No one likes a f*****t, son.
No one likes a homophobic no-life, son
Everyone loves a Roman, son.
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Once you go Roman
No one likes a f*****t, son.
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Gotta get used to it, darling. Life isn't a patch of flowers.
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Being transgender/transsexual is never easy, especially as a youth. I had to wait until I was 18, honestly. If your parents don't support you, that's usually what you have to do, unfortunately.
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It's not that bad compared to other parts of the world. I live in a place where they can jail you for being gay.
Just hold your head up.
I personally think sexuality of any sort should be a personal issue that you don't go yelling around regardless of what you are but at the same time, you should be able to be you as freely as possible.

There's always going to be something that people will hold against you though whether it be class, race, a subculture and so on.
The world will never fully accept anything, whether it be difference in religion, orientation, mental state, skin color...

That's just the way humanity is. If it can hate something, it will.

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