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do you still like guys?
if so.
your most likey bi
or you just like porn
you know I'm starting to get irritated by threads by these. I don't mean to bash anyone but i don't think that people need to worry about their sexuality if you're turned on by other chicks so what? does your sexuality need a label? personally i think that you should explore your sexuality and find out if you do enjoy doing things with other girls or if you like guys or both. don't get all worried about what sexual category you fall under, just go with what makes you feel comfortable. after you have had enough sexual experience to say that no you don't like guys or no you don't like girls or that you like both, then you can say hey i'm a lesbian! or i'm straight! or i'm bi! or whatever you turn out to be. Just be you.
No. You just like lesbian porn. You're not a homosexual orientation. To be a homosexual orientation, you'll like the same gender.
If you can see yourself in love with a woman, and living together happily, you're probably bi or gay.

It's not all sex.
well, thats kinda strange, but if you like guys too, then your most likely just in a weird phase or something. Heck I like looking at Yaoi and reading Yaoi fanfiction, but then again tons of girls do that, and that's boy on boy action so uh i guess I can't really help ya much
Excuse me if I seem too frank.

It's not about sex.
If you get turned on by chicks making out and screwing each other, fine. Lots of people do. They're not all lesbians or bi.
I've had tons of doubts about my sexual orientation, but I am certain I am straight.
If you can see yourself in another woman's arms, which can be perfectly normal, then yes, you're probably lesbian or bi. It doesn't have to be something you're ashamed about.
The best choice is probably to wait until you're certain about yourself.
No.You're just curious about sex.
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being lesbian isn't a problem. but uncertainty is. you could be bi, but if you're still ONLY attracted to guys and lesbian porn is a hobby, then you're most likely still straight.
everyone is a little bit bisexual. EVERYONE. Even your homophobic dad. lol. So no, probably not.
By "like guys", do you mean sexually or emotionally? That's something to consider. And if it's just lesbian porn and you're not actually attracted to girls or the idea of having sex with one, then no, I highly doubt you're not straight.
Have you ever thought that you may be bisexual? Perhaps you just haven't found a girl that you're attracted to yet. I'd give it time and see what happens -- try not to think about it too much.
I have a (female) friend that only gets turned on by lesbian porn and she's straight.
Are you attracted to any females IRL?

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