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I don't know. But...I have a question.

I am a girl, and if i enjoy looking at lesbian porn, am I a lesbian?

Please answer seriously.


I like guys. I just get turned on by lesbian porn, and not any other type.
no... do you still like guys? or do ONLY girl turn you on? if you still like guys then you might bi (LIKE ME!) if not and you could have sex with a girl then yeah you're gay YAY FOR YOU!
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Not necessarily. Different people are turned on by different things. If you're turned on by girl on girl action, then that doesn't automatically mean you're a lesbian.

If you're still attracted to men/boys, then you are most likely not a lesbian.
Don't blame you, but at the same time you may be bisexual. If you take a liking to guys as well then it's more likely. Some people say you need to have a sexual experience before it actually counts. ******** that. You know who you love.

Pornography doesn't really tell much. It might turn you on but you don't know the person who you're looking at. Keep that in mind hun. Now if you like a girl who you DO know then you can be sure of it.
I like lesbian porn too... Does that make me a lesbian?

Porn preference=/=sexual orientation.
probably not
just because your turned on by it doesn't mean your gay your just turned on by something different
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Oh gosh.

I went through this phase, and I am straighter than an arrow.

Unless you are completely not attracted to men anymore, I assure you, you're fine.
it depends. do u still like guys?
Honestly no. A lot of young girls (and boys) tend to be curious about their orientation when they get that sudden rush of hormones that everyone deals with.
The fact of the matter is that most people are a little bisexual.
Though most never act on the bisexualism, a large number of people are attracted to members of the same sex.
You might feel the urge to experiment with other girls, but that's normal. A lot of girls feel the desire to experiment in high school.
Don't worry about it too much; in time, once your hormones settle, you'll know for sure whether you're straight, bisexual, or homosexual.
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i can only tell when a guys gay sad srry
I look at lesbian porn all the time, and I'm not a lesbian.
I am kind of going through the same thing aswell, though I think I might be Bi. I am completely crazy over a friend of mine, who is also a girl... I don't really know what I should do about it.
Maybe you're just turned on by sex in general.....

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