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god i really messed up w/ my bf we had a dance last nite and all my friends were tellin me he wanted 2 dance w/ me but that was out of my comfort zone so i didnt do it and ignored him he didnt even talk 2 me the rest of the nite let alone slow dance w/ me help i really want to make it up 2 him but i can do anything special cuz he and i r only 13 HELP!!!
you poor thing, i know it all seems like such a big deal now but it will blow over, either your meant to be or not.....but only time will tell! if you didnt feel comfortable, then talk to him and tell him why it all happened, if he is special enough he will understand smile
Just tell him about it. If he hears you out, then great. If not, he's not good enough for you wink
aww thats so cute. its okay, just tell him. i dont like to dance either. it isnt as big of a deal as you might think. its okay.
This doesn't belong here, post that crap in the Life Issues Forum
It may seem like a huge deal at the moment... but I wouldnt really worry to much about it. If you didnt want to dance then he should respect that. If he's not willing to give you that respect, get rid of him. He really isnt worth it.

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