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Overprotectiveness. Its like there is another woman influence in their son's like that makes them feel neglected and replaced.

I wonder if that will happen to me if I ever marry. That would be interesting.
My mother would jump for joy if my brother got a girlfriend.

He's gay.
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The Power of Three will set you free...

I don't have that issue. My boyfriend's mother loves me. heart
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All of my boyfriend's Mothers have loved me. You must be a bad influence lol.
I don't know. I don't have this problem, my boyfriend's mother loves me. I met her four years ago, before I was really even friends with her son, and she thought I was awesome. She jokingly tries to ask me to convince him to do things for her since it doesn't work when she tries it. xD
His dad, however, really makes me feel unwelcome and awkward sometimes. But that's just how he is and he's not like that all the time, so...
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ll B r o k e n Condom ll
This has happened to me in all but one of my relationships.
I understand if the Mother is feeling like her relationship with her son will be hurt, etc etc. But most of my boyfriends haven't really been all that close to their Mom's.
I am older than my boyfriends and so my own Mum has said that they could think I'm corrupting their sons.
My current boyfriend said his Mom doesn't hate me, she just doesn't like my morals. Woman, I've been going out with your son for barely two months and you've talked to me all but two times. You don't know my morals at all.

But really, I'm just confused. My own parents have always treated all of my boyfriends the same. Even if they didn't really like them. They are always polite with them and treat them with respect.

So for all you mothers out there, and just Gaians with opinions, why do you think this happens?

Cuz they don't want there baby to grow uuuup, awwww :3

But yeah thats basically it, they don't want them to grow up they want to keep that cute lil butterball for evah and evah....

Oh and why do all fathers hate there daughters boyfriend? That I would like to know :3
I have no idea if my boyfriend's mother likes me or not.
I'm going to have to say she does on some level because I'm always invited to family gatherings and such with them, and she's friendly with me. I'm just still waiting for her to say something ridiculous/silly to my boyfriend.
For example, she told my boyfriend's brother that if he ever married his girlfriend, he should make her sign a prenup so she couldn't steal his money to pay off her student loans. *facepalm*
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My (ex) boyfriend's mom liked me, or atleast she said she did. She seemed very genuine around me and I never gave her a reason to dislike me.
My dad´s mother hates my mom too. I have no idea why. But thankfully, my boyfriend´s mom is very nice to me, so I´m grateful.
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I think that's just how it is a lot of the time. Fathers have a tendency to not be the biggest fan of their daughter's boyfriends and mothers are rarely a fan of their son's girlfriends.

None of my previous boyfriends mom's have liked me. And it's either for absolutely no good reason, or because of some drama that went down many-a-year ago. It's like.. you know, sorry if you don't like something I did, but that was five years ago so maybe make an effort to understand that I'm not that same person anymore. Derp.

All of my boyfriend's dad's have either really liked me, or been fine with me.

But mothers.. motherrsss.. stare It's an overprotective reaction, which I understand, but geez.


"Offer one hand- arm the other."
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Because they're giant ******** pricks. The end.
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Not all of them do. I suppose the ones who hate their son's girlfriends are scared of losing their sons as it would hurt them.
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My current boyfriend's mother adores me, but I had an ex who's mom hated me for no reason.

I'm a good person. emo
The same reason that fathers hate their daughter's boyfriends: They're protective of them.

Think about it from their perspectives.
They just spent 16-18 years making this kid the best they could be
Through all the meals they cooked, to the clothes, to the Parent Teacher meetings, doctor's office visits..etc.
and some newcomer shows up
and wants to marry them.

Of course they're going to be skeptical and want to analyze them before their baby boy/girl rushes into this life.
No real good reason, parents just like to hate on whatever decisions their kids make, whether it's good or not.

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