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You can try going to some community events. I met a lot of people going to this church for college kids. They are very nice. I don't have any true friends though. Usually if someone wants to be my friend, they have to keep talking to me, and then we become good friends, I usually won't pursue them though unless I have a crush on them.
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try volunteering or working on your hobbies, you're bound to find ppl with common interests
and if you're a partier, well i guess you know what to do
You will probably meet a friend at work ^^. I tend to find a friend at work pretty fast, but I don't know how. I am very shy and sensitive. At first I didn't really speak at all, but now my workmates are like, "it will be a success if she is quite for 5 minutes today." lol. Just talk to someone! smile
Oh well.

I live there too

It sucks here

I just meet people through jobs and school
I feel you. I discovered after college making friends outside of an academic setting can be hard. I had like... two friends my first year out of college when I moved to a new state. Now I at least live in LA, where I have a lot of friends from college. I've met some people through work too, and I just joined a gym. There's also this website called meetup.com, that has different groups for all sorts of interests. Check and see if there's a group in your area that might spark your interest. I'm a part of several groups that range from bootcamps to hiking groups to 20-somethings.
Uhhh.. discuss current events with people you run into? Those are good conversation starters! Like.. news just came out that Lil Wayne's retiring after his next album! ( emotion_0A0 finally) See if people are happy about it or not!

Great spots to find people your age are like.. spots by universities! Lots of people from empty schools with no people go to malls and stuff by the popular universities to meet new people! And they do!
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Say hello.
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Reenactment group? That sounds like a club. That's exactly the type of thing you need to do.

Talk to the other people in your group. If you make friends you can meet their friends and expand your social horizon. If you like a cafe or bar, frequent it and get friendly with the bartender. You'll notice that there are certain people who frequent it too usually at specific times. You'll become familiar with them. Make conversation.

Check online or look at flyers for local community clubs and events. Easy to meet people there! You just have to do the work of finding an event/group. Volunteer too. Great way to meet people.
Show people the fanfiction you write about them. They'll remember you forever.

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